Carbon dioxide exchange of two ecodemes of Schistidium antarctici in Continental Antarctica

first_imgSchistidium antarctici is the commonest of five bryophytes known in the Windmill Islands area of Wilkes Land, Greater Antarctica. In moist habitats it forms closed carpets, but in dry sites it develops a short cushion growth form. Carbon dioxide exchange of both a mesic (Sm) and a xeric growth form (Sx) was investigated by means of an IRGA system in the field near Casey Station under natural light and simulated ambient or controlled temperature conditions in the plant chamber. The chlorophyll content in Sm was three times higher than in Sx. The light compensation point of Sm was lower than in Sx. The data for photosynthesis and dark respiration were computed by means of non-linear and linear regression analysis. Sm was more productive and had a wider temperature range of positive net photosynthesis than Sx under similar conditions. Dark respiration per gram of the whole moss sample was identical in both ecodemes. A decline of the photosynthesis curves at quantum flux densities above 500 μmol m-2 s-1 PAR indicated a photoinhibitory effect in Sm. Sx was even more sensitive to high irradiance levels. Photoinhibition was not apparent in laboratory measurements under artificial light. According to our field measurements the photoinhibitory effect increases with increasing temperature. Moisture loss was avoided during the experiments by water supply from the bottom and frequently spraying the moss samples with water. In the natural habitat the desiccating effect of solar radiation is important, as it quickly causes photosynthesis to cease. The moss will dry out sooner in a xeric habitat than in one which is continuously moist. Consequently, the mesic Schistidium might particularly be subjected to photoinhibition by bright sunshine.last_img read more

Dynamic subauroral ionospheric electric fields observed by the Falkland Islands radar during the course of a geomagnetic storm

first_imgWe present an analysis of ionospheric electric field data observed during a geomagneticstorm by the recently deployed HF radar located on the Falkland Islands. On 3 August2010 at ∼1800 UT evidence of the onset of a geomagnetic storm was observed in groundmagnetometer data in the form of a decrease in the Sym‐H index of ∼100 nT. Themain phase of the storm was observed to last ∼24 hours before a gradual recovery lasting∼3 days. On 4 August, during the peak magnetic disturbance of the storm, a high velocity(>1000 m s−1) channel of ionospheric plasma flow, which we interpret as a subauroralion drift (SAID), located between 53° and 58° magnetic south and lasting ∼6.5 hours, wasobserved by the Falkland Islands radar in the pre‐midnight sector. Coincident flow datafrom the DMSP satellites and the magnetically near‐conjugate northern hemisphereBlackstone HF radar reveal that the SAID was embedded within the broader subauroralpolarization streams (SAPS). DMSP particle data indicate that the SAID location closelyfollowed the equatorward edge of the auroral electron precipitation boundary, whileremaining generally poleward of the equatorward boundary of the ion precipitation. Thelatitude of the SAID varied throughout the interval on similar timescales to variations inthe interplanetary magnetic field and auroral activity, while variations in its velocity weremore closely related to ring current dynamics. These results are consistent with SAIDelectric fields being generated by localized charge separation in the partial ring current, butsuggest that their location is more strongly governed by solar wind driving and associatedlarge‐scale magnetospheric dynamics.last_img read more

Australian, Philippine Navies Conclude LUMBAS 2014

first_img Australian, Philippine Navies Conclude LUMBAS 2014 View post tag: Australian View post tag: Asia-Pacific Authorities Back to overview,Home naval-today Australian, Philippine Navies Conclude LUMBAS 2014 Armidale Class Patrol Boat, HMAS Larrakia, travelled to Davao, in the Philippines for the annual exercise, which focused on maritime security and interdiction operations.Commanding Officer of Larrakia, Lieutenant Commander David McPherson said LUMBAS 2014 had given both nations a better understanding of common operating procedures.“By working closely with our colleagues from the Philippine Navy we have been able to share information, which enhances our ability to work together,” LCDR McPherson said.Activities focussed on joint civil, military and maritime law enforcement operations. This included boarding party scenarios, communications exercises, personnel exchanges and replenishments at sea.“This year, the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine National Police – Maritime Group joined LUMBAS 2014 for the first time – as both countries are responsible for large expanses of water, we have a common interest.“The opportunity to share ideas and experiences, will build on our current relationship to work closely together in the future, as we did in the recent response to Typhoon Haiyan,” LCDR McPherson said.Senior officers from the Philippine Navy and Army, and the country’s civil service were treated to a traditional Ceremonial Sunset on the quarterdeck of HMAS Larrakia while the ship was alongside Camp Panacan, Davao, the Philippines to mark the end of the exercise.The Darwin-based Armidale Class Patrol Boat is currently undertaking a six-week South East Asian Deployment, and will shortly head on to Tacloban to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Leyte Gulf.[mappress]Press Release, October 15, 2014; Image: Australian Navy The Royal Australian Navy and Philippine Navy military exercise, LUMBAS 2014, has drawn to a close, after two weeks of intensive training. View post tag: Philippine View post tag: Conclude Follow @navaltoday View post tag: Naval View post tag: 2014 View post tag: Navies View post tag: LUMBAS View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy October 15, 2014 View post tag: asia Share this articlelast_img read more

Holcomb signs the face mask order for Indiana; does not include criminal penalties

first_img Google+ Pinterest By Tommie Lee – July 24, 2020 5 821 Facebook Pinterest Twitter Twitter Facebook CoronavirusIndianaLocalNewsSouth Bend Market Previous articleEarly morning stabbing in South Bend Friday, one arrestedNext articleThe Elkhart Education Foundation is seeking donations to help teachers Tommie Lee WhatsApp Google+ Holcomb signs the face mask order for Indiana; does not include criminal penalties WhatsApp (Photo supplied/State Of Indiana) Governor Holcomb officially issued the face-covering executive order Friday afternoon, and contradicted his original announcement in one important area.The order, which you can read here, did NOT include criminal penalties for failing to wear a mask.In the order Holcomb said state and local health departments will be responsible for enforcing compliance, and will provide education about the importance of wearing face coverings to hep stop the spread of COVID-19.The order is in effect through at least August 26th, and lists several exemptionslast_img read more

Pink Floyd Shares Unreleased Song “Vegetable Man” Written In 1965

first_imgWith their new box set Early Years: 1965-1972 coming out next week, Pink Floyd continues to build excitement by sharing new material. The newest such release takes us back to the band’s earliest days, when Syd Barrett was a member of their lineup.BBC 6 Music had the distinct honor of premiering a Barrett-penned track called “Vegetable Man,” a song written in 1965. Barrett also sings lead on the track, which was never officially released until now. Though “Vegetable Man” had circulated as a demo, the official release highlights Pink Floyd’s formative years.Listen to the recording via BBC 6 Music, here. You can scroll to the 51:15 mark to hear “Vegetable Man.”[H/T Consequence of Sound]last_img read more

Compare Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon’s Recreation Of Go West’s “King Of Wishful Thinking” With The Original

first_img[Video: Jørgen Pedersen] It’s always great when Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd release new shot-by-shot recreations of classic music videos. In the past, the duo has brilliantly recreated Styx’s “Too Much Time On My Hands” (see a side-by-side comparison here), though Fallon semi-frequently releases music video recreations solo on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Now, Fallon and Rudd have added a new music video to their catalog with their on-point mimicry of Go West’s 1990 hit, “King Of Wishful Thinking”.Go West’s “King Of Wishful Thinking” was released in 1990, though later made it onto the group’s fourth studio album, Indian Summer, in 1992. However, the song is probably best known for its role in the movie Pretty Woman, during which it partially provided the soundtrack during the movie’s opening credit sequence.In Fallon and Rudd’s music video for “King Of Wishful Thinking”, the pair hilariously and precisely take on recreating all the absurd elements within Go West’s original video. You can watch Rudd and Fallon’s stand-alone take, as well as a side-by-side comparison put together by Jørgen Pedersen, below.Paul Rudd & Jimmy Fallon – “King Of Wishful Thinking”[Video: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon] Side-By-Side Comparison Of “King Of Wishful Thinking”last_img read more

Feds say patient care improved at state hospital

first_imgWaterbury, Vt.–The U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) recently issuedtheir fourth compliance report for the Vermont State Hospital (VSH), based on anon-site review of the facility conducted in early March, 2008.  The DOJreport shows that VSH is compliant with the key components of the agreement made between the federalgovernment and the State in July 2006.  The report evaluates the progress thehospital is making in 140 areas, with a 5-point scoring system, ranging from Non-Compliantto Sustained Compliance.  “It was evident from this visit that VSH leadership and staffhave made significant progress to ensure VSH has become a safer and more effectivetreatment provider, and the Department will continue working to improve themental health service delivery experience for all patients at VSH,” said DMHCommissioner Michael Hartman. The DOJ report is available for viewing and download on the DMHwebsite: is external)          ##### “I’m pleased that this report highlights the significantefforts the Department of Mental Health (DMH) and VSH staff has undertaken toimprove the provision of care at the hospital for Vermont’s acutely mentally ill,”noted Agency of Human Services Secretary Cynthia D. LaWare.  “EnsuringVSH provides high quality, compassionate care, and remains a safe and securefacility for Vermont’smost vulnerable, is essential as the State moves forward to secure agreementswith our community partners to develop a new system of care that willeventually replace this aging facility.”  DOJ Releases Fourth VSHCompliance ReportShowsMarked Improvement In Patient Care, Safety Among the most improved areas were the protections ofpatients from harm, the quality improvement of patient care, the environmentalconditions and building safety of the hospital, and mental healthassessments.  Areas where there has been marked improvement, but are stillin need of attention, include specific treatment services and the integrationof services across all hospital services.  The hospital has been working toward regaining both Joint Commission onHealth Care Organizations accreditation, and certification by the federalCenter for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to assure high quality patient carefor Vermont’smost severely mentally ill.  The reviewers, Dr. Jeffrey Geller, MD, MPH and Dr. MohammedEl-Sabaawi, met with management, staff, and patients at the Waterbury campusfor four days and offered in their report that, “staff of VSH at alllevels should be most pleased with the improvements their efforts have yieldedto date”. last_img read more

Honduras Authorities Discover Cocaine Processing Lab

first_imgBy Dialogo August 30, 2012 Honduras authorities discovered, on August 28, a cocaine-processing lab in the country’s Caribbean coast; about 248 miles north of the capital, AFP informed the Public Ministry Spokesman Melvin Duarte. The official explained that “even into the evening, specialist teams were working on investigations of what was found in a house in the jurisdiction of San Francisco of Atlantis”, near the port of La Ceiba, the official said, confirming local media reports. “So far, we have found alleged coca paste, potassium glue, caustic soda, ammonium chloride, gas (balloon) tanks, fuel barrels, stoves, ovens, craft dryers, microwaves, scales, presses and cylinders” from a drug laboratory, he said. According to local media reports from the location of the find, the authorities found transfer documentation from Colombia in trash receptacles. The Caribbean coast of Honduras is listed as one of the corridors that the drug traffickers use, arriving from South America in boats or planes that land on secret runways with drug shipments. Official data indicates that 87% of the drugs destined for the United States pass through Central America.last_img read more

What Reddit users say about banks vs. credit unions

first_imgDo you really want to know what people think about your credit union–or why they’re choosing a bank instead? Reddit’s popular platform allowing users to post and discuss topics openly might just be the answer financial institutions have been searching for in regards to honest, unbiased feedback. We’ve read over recent feeds to share the highlights, and how your credit union could benefit from the information.They’ve Got Money on Their MindWhat We Found: It doesn’t really come as a surprise that people discussing personal finances are focused on how much money they’re earning or spending at a financial institution. Comments ran the gamut from fees, credit card minimums to earn rewards, or which places were easier to get loans from. But within all that discussion, a couple of topics stood out. The most discussed was how much individuals were earning from their checking or savings accounts. The other was how much they were paying in fees. What We Can Learn:The most amazing thing to read was the happiness that could be seen when people were sharing their positive experiences regarding these two topics. Whether it was touting the rates their financial institution had been offering them, the waved ATM fees, or debating where bank or credit union profits go, many were happy to give a little referral to their financial institution. Realizing that within all the discussions it was more important for people to bring up the money they were earning, versus how much they were being charged, is also a small bit of insight into your member’s mind. Knowing their priority for a financial institution can give an edge on how to speak to them.Why Technology and Trust Matter What We Found: While some people focused on personal service, and others felt convenience was key, the way technology and security play into all the areas is very important to everyone. This could be seen in several different viewpoints: some comments were about employee honesty at their institution; others based their choice solely on the security measures taken to protect accounts. Tech discussions also included how accessible their money was: 24/7 banking options, customer service availability, ease of accessing while traveling, etc.What We Can Learn:Your credit union may have the security, accessibility and online choices for every type of person, but if they don’t know about it, you may as well not have them at all. If Reddit users need to defend their credit unions’ convenience and security features, it could be a telling sign where marketing and communication could be improved. Everyone Wants Something DifferentWhat We Found:Overall, there wasn’t a completely clear winner or loser as the financial institution of choice. Instead there were a lot of people agreeing that the best choice had a lot to do with personal financial needs. One thread in particular, a user wanted specific advice for his current life situation, and many were quick to point out which benefits or services might suit him best. Also many comments would have something to the effect of, “this is what works best for me” when talking about their choice. What We Can Learn:In the end, there will never be a one-size-fits-all financial package for members. That’s why your credit union has options. The most important thing then, is to make sure your members, and potential members, know those options exist through proper marketing. Customer referrals and positive word-of-mouth are both great, but they can’t work alone. Bottom line is, people will continually search for the best options–it’s important they are informed and aware you can offer exactly what they’re looking for. References: 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Ben Prager Prior to forming Prager Creative, Ben worked with design studios, branding firms and advertising agencies to push great strategy and design for all his projects. His experience with all aspects … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Solihull park letting lifts M42 market

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