Indian, Singapore Navies Strengthen Ties

first_img Indian, Singapore Navies Strengthen Ties Authorities May 25, 2015 View post tag: asia Back to overview,Home naval-today Indian, Singapore Navies Strengthen Ties View post tag: Navies View post tag: Indian View post tag: Navalcenter_img The Indian Navy’s Eastern Fleet under the command of Rear Admiral Ajendra Bahadur Singh, VSM, Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet, is on an operational deployment to South Indian Ocean and South China Sea. As a part of this deployment, INS Satpura, indigenously built guided missile stealth frigate, commanded by Captain Hari Krishnan and INS Kamorta, the latest and indigenous Anti Submarine Warfare Corvette, commanded by Commander Manoj Kumar Jha arrived in Singapore on 18 May 2015. These ships participated in IMDEX-15 and are now conducting bilateral naval exercise SIMBEX-15 with Singapore Navy from 23-26 May 2015.The port visit of IN Ships to Singapore also coincided with the commemoration of 50 years of diplomatic relations between India and Singapore. This visit was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties and enhancing inter-operability between navies of the two friendly nations. During the stay in harbour, various activities were conducted viz. official calls, reception on board, ship open to visitors, guided tours for Indian naval personnel and professional interaction between personnel of both the navies.[mappress mapid=”16061″]Image: Indian Navy View post tag: Navy Share this article View post tag: SIMBEX-15 View post tag: Singapore View post tag: News by topiclast_img read more

Previewing the 2012 Presidential Race

first_imgBarack ObamaSupport for President Barack Obama seems weakened by the current economic crisis and national unemployment numbers, which are still above 9 percent. According to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, three-quarters of people believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, but Obama still tops his GOP counterparts, leading former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney by six points and former businessman Herman Cain by 15 points in the poll.Obama has already raised $75 million in campaign funding and continues to reach out to younger voters. The Obama campaign recently launched a program called Greater Together, aimed specifically at mobilizing voters aged 18 to 29.Newt GingrichFormer Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently passed Rick Perry to take the third-place position among GOP hopefuls. Gingrich has gained five points since October, when he was in fifth place, and now polls with 13 percent support.Gingrich holds more than $1 million in debt, but his campaign doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Gingrich’s campaign has the highest social media presence of all the GOP candidates, according to the Associated Press.Michele BachmannCongresswoman Michele Bachmann, representing Minnesota’s sixth district, is the only woman running for the Republican nomination in 2012. She has strong support from Christian conservatives and Tea Party members.Bachmann has raised about $4.1 million and spent about $6 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.Though Bachmann led in the Ames Straw Poll in August, her numbers quickly fell when Rick Perry joined the race. Currently, she holds about 3 percent of the GOP’s support.Rick PerryCurrent governor of Texas Rick Perry announced he was vying for the republican nomination in August. Early in the race, Perry led the polls with support from 30 percent of GOP members, but his numbers have dropped significantly to about 10 percent, with a six-point drop within the last month, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.Many analysts say Perry lacks a strong pitch for his candidacy, but he recently received support from former President Bill Clinton for his stance on immigration.Herman CainHerman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, the 10th largest pizza chain in the nation based on sales, and head of the National Restaurant Association, has rocketed to the top of most major polls. He currently holds support from 27 percent of likely Republican voters, thanks in part to his “9-9-9” tax plan, a plan that essentially gets rid of the current tax code and implements a 9 percent tax on business income, a 9 percent tax on personal income and a new 9 percent federal sales tax.Cain has made headlines recently for allegations of sexual harassment. Cain’s campaign has denied the allegations, calling them “bogus attacks.”Ron PaulMany analysts believe that if Texas Congressman Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican ticket for 2012, he might consider a third-party run as an Independent,  though Paul has said he has “no intention” of doing that. If he does, the loyalty of his followers could affect the outcome of the general election.Paul has been reluctant to support any other Republican candidate and has only been able to raise $8.2 million in campaign funding.Mitt RomneyFormer governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has stayed mostly out of the headlines, but he’s slowly but surely pulling ahead of his competition. In the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 33 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents chose him as the candidate most likely to beat Obama one year from now.Romney, who ran an unsuccessful campaign in the 2008 Republican primaries, has been campaigning in Iowa. While there, he said he would reduce spending if elected by repealing Obama’s healthcare law and eliminating programs that are not vital, such as the National Endowment for the Arts.last_img read more

Miami East FFA raises funds for Heifer International

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Miami East-MVCTC FFA Chapter, along with a friendly herd of (plywood) cows, is seeking greener pastures for cows in third world countries. Presently, the FFA members at Miami East High School are soliciting donations for Heifer International. The goal of the Heifer International: Greener Pastures Program is to generate $1,000 that will provide 2 cows ($500 each) to be given to the impoverished families in poor, third world villages. The generous donations of members of the Miami East School Community is making this happen.The program is designed to have six creatively decorated plywood cows stay a night or two in the yard of a community member. The community member will then make a donation to the FFA’s fundraising program to: 1) have the cows removed, 2) tell the FFA whose yard to put the cows in next, and/or 3) purchase insurance that the cows will not return to their yard or any combination of the three. The cows will then move to the next yard.Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. Dan West was a farmer from the American Midwest and member of the Church of the Brethren who went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker. His mission was to provide relief, but he soon discovered the meager single cup of milk rationed to the weary refugees once a day was not enough. And then he had a thought: What if they had not a cup, but a cow? That “teach a man to fish” philosophy is what drove West to found Heifer International. And now, nearly 70 years later, that philosophy still inspires our work to end world hunger and poverty throughout the world once and for all.Heifer International empowers families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but the approach is more than just giving them a handout. Heifer International links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. The animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market. When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.The core of the Heifer International model is Passing on the Gift. This means families share the training they receive and pass on the first female offspring of their livestock to another family. This extends the impact of the original gift, allowing a once impoverished family to become donors and full participants in improving their communities. The goal of every Heifer International project is to help families achieve self-reliance. This is done by providing them the tools they need to sustain themselves, and it’s thanks to the generosity of donors like you.The Miami East FFA believes the Miami East community has the power to give a hungry family the training it takes to feed themselves and their children; to give a young girl a chance at an education; to empower a woman to have a voice in her community. Together, Miami East FFA and their Heifer International: Greener Pastures program can change the world, one family, one community, at a time. And it all starts with a gift. For further information please visit read more

Apple Profits Fall And Growth Slows. Welcome To The New Normal

first_imgCognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… taylor hatmaker 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts center_img IT + Project Management: A Love Affair Apple reported its first profit decline in over a decade and bluntly admitted that its growth is slowing. It was, indeed, a strange but not wholly unexpected change of pace for the wildly successful Cupertino company.Despite that bad news, the stock market barely hiccupped. As of writing, Apple shares were virtually unchanged in after-hours trading from their close of $406.13 — a level roughly 42% below their peak just seven months ago. Which means that these diminished expectations are, for now, Apple’s new normal.The Humbling Of AppleIn the January-March quarter, Apple generated $43.6 billion in revenue with a profit of $9.5 billion, compared to $39.2 billion and $11.6 billion a year ago. Profits might be down by a not-insignificant 18%, but the numbers still beat out quarterly estimates of between $41 and $43 billion in revenue. For next quarter, Apple set the bar low, with an expected $33.5 to $35.5 billion in revenue.Apple also set new records for March quarter sales of the iPhone and iPad, for what it’s worth.While Apple quarterly calls — like Apple launch events, Apple ads and the Apple ethos — tend to err on the side of smug, today’s tone was muted. As Apple’s boomtown empire of the last decade begins to look like a gilded age, CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer maintained a cautious optimism. Cook expressed frustration over Apple’s ongoing stock swoon and noted that 2012’s “exceptional success” makes year-to-year comparisons “difficult.” Other notable numbers from this quarter:37.4 million iPhones sold, up from 35.1 million during Q2 201219.5 million iPads sold, up from 11.8 million a year agoiPad sales more than doubled in China and JapanMac sales contracted, with just under 4 million sold – a slight dip from a year ago5.6 million iPods sold (down from 2012’s numbers), but Apple commands 70% of the MP3 player marketApple made $5.2 billion from retail stores and expects to open 30 new stores this yearThe company holds $144.7 billion in cash (up from $137 billion in December 2012)Still, Apple Is AppleOf course, even at its humblest, Apple couldn’t resist an opportunity to tout iOS as a more secure ecosystem than Android, which has fallen victim to some high profile malware incidents in the last year.As for what’s next — and how the company will continue to grow — Cook cited the strength of Apple’s ecosystem and “exciting new product categories” for the company’s bright outlook. Cook also turned an eye to untapped overseas markets, which could play a major role if the company plans for another growth spurt: “China has an unusual number of potential firsttime smartphone owners,” Cook said. “That’s not lost on us.”Similarly, Cook touted the possibility of “an exciting new product category,” although of course without even hinting at details or a timeframe. So feel free to believe that he meant the iWatch, or an iTV, or, well, iAnything.Apple also boosted its dividend by 15% and announced a new stock buyback program that aims to return $100 billion to shareholders by 2015, in part by taking some existing Apple shares out of circulation to boost stockholders’ holdings.Image courtesy of Apple Tags:#Apple#earnings last_img read more

More than Words: The Role Communication Plays in a Relationship

first_imgBy Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFTFlickr [Talk by Karsten Bitter, September 11, 2011, CC BY-ND 2.0]I love you. Certainly a common phrase used in relationships. But, does it mean the same thing to everyone who delivers and receives it? In the 1970’s, it was Gregory Bateson who taught us about meta-communication, the idea that communication is so much more than just the words we speak [1]. We all communicate with each other all the time, even if we don’t ever utter a single word.Now, let’s go back to I love you. Here are a couple of scenarios to consider:Joe and Tina have been married for 10 years. Tina often tells Joe that she loves him. She tells him before they go to bed and when they are both leaving for work. She tells him when they hang up the phone from each other and via emails and texts. But when Tina and Joe are together, Tina rarely has any interaction with Joe. She spends most of her time on her phone texting or making calls and often spends time alone in her favorite room in their house. When Joe tries to hug or kiss Tina, she often acts as though she is inconvenienced by this interaction and will effortlessly hug or kiss him back so that she can quickly go back to what she was previously doing.Now, think about Elizabeth and Ben. They have also been married for 10 years.  Ben tells Elizabeth that he loves her often. Just like Tina and Joe, before bed, when they’re leaving for work, before hanging up the phone, and via emails and text messages. But when they are home together, Elizabeth and Ben hold hands often and talk to each other about work and personal things. They often laugh together and enjoy working on projects in their home as a team.Although both couples use the same phrase at the same frequency and in the same situations, do you think it means the same for both couples? What is the meta-communication that is happening during these interactions? Obviously, with Tina and Joe, the message and meta-message are not the same. What Tina is saying to Joe with her words does not match what Tina is saying to him with her actions. But, Elizabeth is receiving the physical messages the same way that she is receiving the verbal messages Ben is sending.  So, what does all of this mean? This means that while we understand the importance of communicating with one another, we really need to understand that the ways in which we communicate are much better received when all of the modes we use are aligned. If we experience more relationships with communication similar to Tina and Joe’s, we find ourselves confused and frustrated. Imagine where that can take a relationship.It’s easy to see how relationships can be greatly impacted by the contradicting messages being conveyed within. It’s also easy to see why some couples will say in therapy that they are not communicating well with each other, when it may appear on the outside that they are communicating just fine. But, when a therapist watches the body language and pairs it with the words spoken, the disconnect may become more apparent.Now what do we do with this information? While it is much easier said than done, I think it’s important that we slow down and spend more time thinking about how and what we are trying to communicate with others. While there is still possibility for some conflictual communication, being more cognizant of both messages and meta-messages may help relationships to be a little less confusing. And, couldn’t we all use a little less confusion in our lives?ReferencesBateson, G. (1972). Steps to an ecology of mind: Collected essays in anthropology, psychiatry, evolution, and epistemology. Chicago: University of Chicago PressThis post was written by Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT, the social media and webinar coordination specialist for the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development concentration on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

Villagers protest outside Vedanta refinery against ‘death in custody’

first_imgTension prevailed in the Lanjigarh area of Kalahandi district on Saturday after a large number of residents sat on a dharna outside the main gate of the Vedanta alumina refinery demanding compensation of ₹10 lakh for the death of a fellow villager in judicial custody.Patnaik Harijan, a resident of Rengapalli village under Lanjigarh block, died early on Saturday at a government hospital in Burla where he was admitted by the Kalahandi jail authorities a day earlier.Body at protest siteThe agitating villagers had kept Harijan’s body at the dharna site. To avoid any untoward incident, the local administration imposed prohibitory orders in the area.Arrests after clashHarijan (45) was in judicial custody following his arrest four months ago in the wake of a clash between villagers and personnel of Odisha Industrial Security Force outside the refinery main gate on March 18. Dani Batra, a villager, and Sujit Minz, an OISF constable, were killed in the clash which broke out when the villagers were staging a demonstration demanding employment for locals in the refinery.A group of concerned citizens and organisations demanded a judicial probe into the circumstances leading to Harijan’s death. In a statement, as many as 23 activists, writers and lawyers alleged that while 29 people had been arrested in connection with the constable’s death, no proper investigation had been conducted to bring to light the manner in which Batra succumbed to injuries inflicted on him by the OISF men.The activists demanded punishment for all erring officers for their acts of negligence leading to the death of Harijan and a compensation of ₹50 lakh to his family.They further demanded withdrawal of all cases against those who are still in jail, a probe into the death of Batra and withdrawal of Central Reserve Police Force personnel from the Niyamgiri region.last_img read more

10 months agoEx-Inter Milan president Moratti: I’d bring back Mourinho

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Ex-Inter Milan president Moratti: I’d bring back Mourinhoby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti says he’d bring back Jose Mourinho.Moratti and Mourinho won the Treble together at Inter in 2010.Current coach Luciano Spalletti is under pressure after failing to qualify from their Champions League group.And Moratti, who is still influential at the San Siro, said: “Would I like Mourinho back at Inter? Yes, I’m very fond of him.“However, we’ll give time to Spalletti to prove his worth. Diego Simeone? I love him too, but Mou is special.” last_img read more

Tibet House US To Host 13th Annual Benefit Auction

first_imgTibet House US has announced that the 13th Annual Benefit Auction, in conjunction with renowned auction house Christie’s, will take place on Thursday, December 3, 2015.Proceeds from the auction will benefit Tibet House US and The Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey.This year’s Honorary Chair Committee includes Philip Glass, Petra Nemcova, Yoko Ono Lennon, Sandra & Eric Ripert, Martin Scorsese, Trudie Styler & Sting, Uma Thurman, Jann Wenner & Matt Nye, and Arden Wohl.Charitybuzz will return as the event’s online auction partner. The Tibet House US auction will be live from November 24, 2015, to December 3, 2015, at Highlights Include:Rare Items & Opportunities: two tickets to meet Sting at his one-night-only benefit concert at Carnegie Hall and attend a post-show gala dinner at The Plaza Hotel; the once-in-a-lifetime chance to star in an autobiographical musical with professional Broadway actors, produced by Apples and Oranges Studios; a behind-the-scenes look at New York Fashion Week with supermodel Petra Nemcova; a private food and wine tasting for seven people by Le Bernardin’s world-renowned chef Eric Ripert and Wine Director Aldo Sohm at Aldo Sohm Wine Bar; a shopping spree at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen; a personalized voice message from Hugh Jackman; a walk-on role in a major Hollywood motion picture, internships at Def Jam and Rolling Stone magazine, a ride to the destination of your choice on a private Millennium Jet and additional items from Ethan Hawke, Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.Adventures & Exotic Trips: A eight-day adventure for two hosted by Aqua Expeditions and GeoEx, which includes four nights exploring the scenic Mekong river life of Vietnam and Cambodia aboard the Aqua Mekong luxury cruise vessel and a three-night luxury stay before or after the cruise; wildly luxurious African adventures from EXPLORE, highlighting the best of Botswana, Victoria Falls, the Ultimate South African Safari and/or Cape Town; a ten-day exotic trip to Bali for two; a magical journey to the Gobi desert in Mongolia with Nomadic Expeditions; a Peruvian Amazon cruise for two on Delfin Cruises; a seven-day stay in Tibet at the Norden Travel’s The Norden Camp.Contemporary Art & Photography: Rare artwork by Christo, Ross Bleckner, Danny Clinch, Shepard Fairey, Milton Glaser, Herb Green, Bob Gruen, Elliott Landy, Sheila Metzner, Ben Morea, Michele Oka Doner, Ed Ruscha, Patti Smith and Peter Tunney.Fashion & Jewelry: Pieces by Erickson Beamon, Paula Crevoshay, Darlene de Sedle, Mara Hoffman, Pamela Huizenga, Me + Ro, Paula Mendoza, Doyle Mueser, OSKLEN, Jill Platner and Arden Wohl.Tibet & Beyond: Antique and ceremonial objects, Tibetan rugs, sculptures, and other global finds.For more information regarding this year’s Auction, please contact Lynn Schauwecker at 845.688.6897 (ext. 7523) or visit read more

Best of Last Week Acoustic phonons have magnetic properties universe to collapse

first_img © 2015 In space news, a team of researchers at the University of Nottingham announced that the universe may be on the brink of collapse—in cosmological terms, of course. Meanwhile, another team suggested that a wandering Jupiter may account for our unusual solar system. They believe the planets’ early inward-outward migration might have impacted the way the other planets developed. Also new research suggests Europa’s elusive water plume paints a grim picture for life—that plume spotted two years ago appears to have been caused by a meteorite impact, rather than an emission from the surface, dashing hopes that it might have been a good indicator of life on one of Jupiter’s largest moons.In other news a team of mathematicians has solved a 60-year-old problem—a neat explanation for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem. Also a team of researchers has found that using high-definition scans can reveal the effects of pregnant mothers’ smoking on unborn babies—in their facial expressions, no less. And a team at Harvard announced that they had taken another step in bringing back a wooly mammoth—they are not trying to clone it, instead they are replicating parts of its DNA.And finally, if you have been worried that stress induced insomnia might be hurting your brain, a team of researchers has found that a disrupted biological clock has a link to Alzheimer’s disease—so, you may be right and now you have something else to worry about. Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound Explore further It was another good week for physics as researchers at Ohio State University conducted a landmark study that proved that magnets can control heat and sound—they demonstrated a magnetic field reducing the amount of heat flowing through a semiconductor, proving that acoustic phonons have magnetic properties. In another study, a combined team of researchers from the University of Belgrade and MIT revealed a technique they had developed that allowed for entangling 3,000 atoms using a single photon, representing a new milestone in the number of particles that have been entangled at one time. Also a team of researchers at Griffith University ran an experiment that demonstrated entanglement of a single particle—showing that the collapse of the wave is a real effect.center_img Researchers at The Ohio State University have discovered that heat can be controlled with a magnetic field. Here, study leader Joseph Heremans, Ohio Eminent Scholar in Nanotechnology, holds the material used in the experiment: a piece of indium antimonide semiconductor shaped into a lopsided tuning fork. The wider arm of the fork (left) measures 4 mm wide, and the narrower one (right) measures 1 mm. The researchers were able to slow the movement of heat through the wider arm of the fork using a magnetic field. Credit: Photo by Kevin Fitzsimons, courtesy of The Ohio State University. Citation: Best of Last Week: Acoustic phonons have magnetic properties, universe to collapse and bioclock disruption problem (2015, March 30) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

SITA maximises airport capacity through Airport Management solution

first_imgSITA has completed deploying its next-generation Airport Management solution across 10 airports in India. The unique implementation includes inter-airport collaboration, with airport operations control centres (AOCCs) linking to the central control at Chennai International Airport and a back-up site at Kolkata.The Airports Authority of India (AAI) now has an overview of all 10 airports, enabling optimisation of resources and equipment as well as proactive control over operations. The 10 airports are Chennai International Airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, Pune Airport, Tiruchirapalli International Airport, Trivandrum International Airport in Thiruvananthapuram, Calicut International Airport, Mangalore Airport, Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati and Jaipur International Airport.The solution, deployed in partnership with NIIT, was completed in June 2015. Results like operational efficiencies, data security and reduced revenue leakage have already been witnessed. The airport authority’s command and control centre forms the core of the system, which monitors and manages operations at all 10 airports in real-time.Maneesh Jaikrishna, SITA Vice President for India and Subcontinent said, “The result is enhanced inter-airport collaboration using easy-to-use modules for operational planning, giving the airports the flexibility needed to plan and improve business results through a highly integrated approach. Everyone benefits as well as increased efficiency, the automation of flight processing and key processes helps provide more accurate information to passengers. And it facilitates accurate and faster billing cycles for airlines.”SITA’s Airport Management solution, in its adoption of the airport collaborative decision making (A-CDM), has proved to be a stepping stone for these airports.  A-CDM is a unified operational process that begins with the activation of an air traffic control flight plan and covers both arrival and ground-handling activities and procedures through to an aircraft’s turnaround and departure.last_img read more