Navy Launches Architectural Bid to Rebuild Antarctic Station

first_img The selection process will be open to the participation of Brazilian professionals in the field, as well as foreigners linked to national offices. The option for an international tender, according to the Navy, intends to “promote the exchange of knowledge between architects from many countries and stimulate a new technological innovation.” The exercise, which started last October, also has the objective of assisting scientific research. In a one-year period, the Navy will support 21 projects selected by the MCTI and by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. The proposal is supported by the Brazilian Antarctic Program’s Congressional Support Front (Proantar) and it involves the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), and the Ministry of the Environment. According to the Navy, the costs for the reconstruction will be approximately 50 million dollars. The construction is scheduled to begin in the next Antarctic summer, in November of this year, and concluded between 2014 and 2015. The new base will have 3,000 square meters of construction – 15% more than the previous station. The Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station, struck by a fire in early 2012, will be rebuilt through a public architectural project. The proposal, announced by the Brazilian Navy on January 22, will select the best bid for the new facilities of the scientific and military base in Antarctica. This Naval Force initiative is a partnership with the Architecture Institute of Brazil. The technical requisites for the proposal documents will become available online at, starting on January 28. One of the requirements was already announced, which is to form a multidisciplinary team to be coordinated by the winning architect. center_img The Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station was created on February 6, 1984. Due to the fire that destroyed 70% of the base facilities, the Navy has been working to remove the debris from the cold continent through Operation Antarctica XXXI (OPERANTAR XXXI). The operation relies on three vessels from the Brazilian Naval Force. By Dialogo January 28, 2013 This month, Proantar turns 31. Throughout this period, the program trained hundreds of scientists and developed a large collection of studies in different fields, such as oceanography, biology, maritime biology, glaciology, geology, meteorology, and architecture. last_img read more