Kanab Boys, Manti Girls, Win Kanab Invitational Title Saturday

first_img Written by March 20, 2021 /Sports News – Local Kanab Boys, Manti Girls, Win Kanab Invitational Title Saturday FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailKANAB, Utah-Saturday, Kanab’s boys and Manti’s girls each won titles at the Kanab Invitational at Kanab High School. The team results are listed below. Subsequently, individuals who medaled representing Mid-Utah Radio Sports Network schools will be in bold type.Boys Team Scores1. Kanab 1192. Panguitch 1033. Manti 1024. North Sevier 74.5. Beaver/Water Canyon 587. Gunnison Valley 558. Milford 179. South Sevier 1610. Valley 711. Bryce Valley 5Girls Team Scores1. Manti 1682. Kanab 1103. Milford 794. Panguitch 655. North Sevier 566. Beaver 557. Gunnison Valley 248. Bryce Valley 219. Water Canyon 1510. South Sevier 1411. Valley 6Girls Medley RelayBeaver Beavers (Savannah Chadbum, Haylee Marshall, Haylee Erickson, Kaydee Marshall, Kinley Anderson) 4:49.79Panguitch Bobcats (Brooklyn Brinkerhoff, Lexie Palmer, Debijean Henrie, Tabetha Henrie) 4:50.04Manti Templars (Keltsy Fowles, Sadie Nielson) 4:51.62Boys Medley RelayManti Templars (Josiah Carter, Austin Cox, Christian Hansen, Tyler Taukieaho) 3:57.22North Sevier Wolves (Caleb Madsen, Kamden Saling, Kelby Bosh, Keaton Hallows) 4:00.05Panguitch Bobcats (Treyson Prince, Klyn Fullmer, Carter Yardley, Porter Schoppe, Konner Henrie, Trent Walter) 4:03.20Girls 400 Meter DashHailie Wilcox-Panguitch 1:07.14Avery Smith-North Sevier 1:07.95Hannah Riggs-North Sevier 1:09.06Emrey Kabonic-Kanab 1:10.49Bradi Gates-Bryce Valley 1:10.73Tiana Jonsson-Gunnison Valley 1:10.87Nabbie Willis-Kanab 1:11.06Jade Mortensen-Manti 1:12.88Boys 400 Meter DashTravis Stewart-Kanab 53.67Hunter Carter-Beaver 55.03Luke Browning-Kanab 56.02Randen Leslie-Bryce Valley 56.16Porter Marr-South Sevier 57.12Greyson Bennett-North Sevier 57.31Kelby Bosh-North Sevier 58.64Daxton Jones-Kanab 58.91Girls 3200 Meter RunFiel Woods-Manti 12:54.90Keltsy Fowles-Manti 13:07.20Sadie Nielson-Manti 13:20.81Cami Merrill-Manti 13:45.58Sophie Christensen-Manti 14:29.38Hattie Stubbs-Manti 14:40.61Ariel Mower-Manti 15:02.98Bethany Christensen-Manti 15:31.78Boys 3200 Meter RunNathan Bowman-Kanab 10:17.80Hunter Powell-Manti 10:46.86Josaih Carter-Manti 11:04.57Trevor Taggart-Manti 11:27.89Porter Schoppe-Panguitch 11:37.49Theil Cooke-Water Canyon 11:44.65Hunter Stewart-Milford 11:53.28Spencer Overly-Gunnison Valley 11:53.34Girls 100-Meter HurdlesPaige James-Milford 18.40Brynley Wunderlich-Milford 18.43Merci Jessop-Water Canyon 18.92Jessica Shewmaker-Kanab 19.33Caroline Giddings-Kanab 19.45Peyton Stevens-Manti 19.53Alivia Bundy-Kanab 20.25NayVee Williams-Milford 20.60Boys 110-Meter HurdlesSaxton Unsworth-Kanab 17.89Kayson Douglas-Manti 18.58Tate Goble-North Sevier 18.59Tyler Cox-Panguitch 20.14Preston Thompson-Manti 21.13Kolt Bonner-Panguitch 21.22Treyson Prince-Panguitch 21.74Noah Button-Kanab 21.79Girls 4 x 100 RelayManti Templars 55.12Panguitch Bobcats (Brooklyn Brinkerhoff, Tabetha Henrie, Lexie Palmer, Debijean Henrie, Hailie Wilcox) 55.50Kanab (Kinsey Little, Nabbie Willis, London Fenus, Alivia Bundy, Madi Orton, Kate Ballard) 56.44Boys 4 x 100 RelayManti Templars (Tyler Taukieaho, Christian Hansen, Kayson Douglas, Tyson Brenchley) 47.09Gunnison Valley Bulldogs (Jet Hill, Cody Hammond, Carson Yardley, Zachary Stewart) 47.41North Sevier Wolves (Caleb Madsen, Keaton Hallows, Coy Shaw, Kamden Saling) 48.17Girls 1600 Meter RunFiel Woods-Manti 6:01.13Keltsy Fowles-Manti 6:14.90Whytney Stoddard-Milford 6:26.00Isabella Knudsen-Manti 6:28.25Cami Merrill-Manti 6:32.22Debijean Henrie-Panguitch 6:34.22Zaya Hilton-Gunnison Valley 6:39.53Maddie Osterhout-Valley 6:46.06Boys 1600 Meter RunNathan Bowman-Kanab 4:49.94Keaton Hallows-North Sevier 4:56.63Tyler Taggart-Manti 4:57.25Hunter Powell-Manti 5:11.95Jason Cardon-Beaver 5:13.57Tyson Brinkerhoff-Kanab 5:17.21Bjorn Crowther-Manti 5:19.30Kydon Davis-Milford 5:28.73Girls 300-Meter HurdlesJessica Shewmaker-Kanab 53.03Avery Smith-North Sevier 53.92Brynley Wunderlich-Milford 54.28Lexie Palmer-Panguitch 54.89Paige James-Milford 54.92Addilyn Anderson-Gunnison Valley 56.36Hailie Wilcox-Panguitch 56.65Kalie Whitlock-Gunnison Valley 56.80Boys 300-Meter HurdlesZachary Stewart-Gunnison Valley 46.14Tate Goble-North Sevier 46.63Kayson Douglas-Manti 49.17Kolt Bonner-Panguitch 50.36Jet Hill-Gunnison Valley 50.41Tyler Cox-Panguitch 50.92Jacob Johnson-North Sevier 50.93Saxton Unsworth-Kanab 51.47Girls 100-Meter DashClaira Reynolds-Manti 13.95Mikelle Church-Kanab 14.08Madysen Griffiths-Milford 14.09London Fenus-Kanab 14.20Haylee Erickson-Beaver 14.23Madi Orton-Kanab 14.25Alexa Walker-Milford 14.26Jaci Huntington-Kanab 14.58Boys 100-Meter DashHyrum Fechser-Water Canyon 11.47Tyson Brenchley-Manti 11.63Travis Stewart-Kanab 11.70Tyler Taukeiaho-Manti 12.01Luke Browning-Kanab 12.03Klyn Fullmer-Panguitch 12.09Porter Marr-South Sevier 12.12Hunter Carter-Beaver 12.25Girls 800-Meter RunTabetha Henrie-Panguitch 2:41.94Shandi Syrett-Bryce Valley 2:51.12Sophie Christensen-Manti 2:53.09Whytney Stoddard-Milford 2:57.51Bradi Gates-Bryce Valley 2:59.04Brooklyn Goble-North Sevier 3:00.36Cami Merrill-Manti 3:01.27Josie Willden-Gunnison Valley 3:05.27Boys 800-Meter RunNathan Bowman-Kanab 2:15.05Keaton Hallows-North Sevier 2:18.45Kelby Bosh-North Sevier 2:20.03Blake Vellinga-South Sevier-2:21.32Carter Yardley-Panguitch 2:21.64Jason Cardon-Beaver 2:22.10Theil Cooke-Water Canyon 2:23.24Hunter Powell-Manti 2:23.64Girls 200-Meter DashMadysen Griffiths-Milford 29.55Kaydee Marshall-Beaver 29.85Haylee Erickson-Beaver 30.02Addilyn Anderson-Gunnison Valley 30.03Debijean Henrie-Panguitch 30.41Kalie Whitlock-Gunnison Valley 30.54Jaci Huntington Kanab 31.30Alexa Walker-Milford 32.36Boys 200-Meter DashTravis Stewart-Kanab 24.00Hunter Carter-Beaver 24.77Jack Hansen-Gunnison Valley 24.91Klyn Fullmer-Panguitch 24.97Brayden Angell-Beaver 25.67Greyson Bennett-North Sevier 25.70Griffin Orton-Beaver 25.81Girls 4 x 400 RelayNorth Sevier Wolves (Hannah Riggs, Ciarra Anderson, Brooklyn Goble, Avery Smith) 4:44.69Manti Templars 4:49.60Kanab (Emrey Kabonic, Jessica Shewmaker, Cydnee Castagno, Eryn Wayne) 5:06.70Boys 4 x 400 RelayManti Templars 3:53.85 North Sevier Wolves (Greyson Bennett, Tate Goble, Kelby Bosh, Caleb Madsen) 3:57.22Gunnison Valley Bulldogs 4:14.08Boys High JumpHyrum Fechser-Water Canyon 6-01.00Jack Hansen-Gunnison Valley 5-09.00Kolt Bonner-Panguitch 5-07.00Benjamin Jeffs-Water Canyon 5-04.00Wade Christensen-Panguitch 5-02.00Boys Long JumpHyrum Fechser-Water Canyon 21-10.00Zachary Stewart-Gunnison Valley 19-02.00Tate Goble-North Sevier 18-09.50Travis Stewart-Kanab 18-07.00Jack Hansen-Gunnison Valley 18-04.00Benjamin Jeffs-Water Canyon-18-02.25Brayden Angell-Beaver 18-02.25Ben Cox-Valley 17-09.50Boys Shot PutBraeden Stein-Kanab 50-11.00Wade Christensen-Panguitch 40-00.00Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 38-03.00Kyler Bennett-Panguitch 37-03.00Taimalegai Moe-Manti 36-06.00Makenzie Jessop-Water Canyon 36-05.50Anthony Henningson-Manti 35-07.50Nat Benson-Beaver 35-03.75Boys DiscusBraeden Stein-Kanab 116-11.25Kyler Bennett-Panguitch 113-11.50Makenzie Jessop-Water Canyon 113-11.25Rhyder Ambrose-Milford 103-11Wade Christensen-Panguitch 96-06Nate Benson-Beaver 94-08.25Josh Church-Kanab 89-09.25Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 89-08.50Boys Javelin 1. Kyler Bennett-Panguitch 158-092. Hunter Carter-Beaver 147-033. Taggert Harris-Beaver 134-064. Ben Cox-Valley 131-005. Karsen Button-Kanab 125-046. Traie Buhler-Milford 121-10.507. Wade Christensen-Panguitch 120-058. Tucker Chappell-Panguitch 112-01Girls High JumpMikelle Church-Kanab 5-02.00Madi Orton-Kanab 5-01.Kaitlyn Stubbs-Water Canyon 4-06.00Emma Jorgensen-Manti 4-04.00Avery Smith-North Sevier 4-04.00Savannah Wood-Valley 4-04.00Allison Alkema-Water Canyon 4-02.00Brynlee Marshall-Beaver 4-02.00Girls Long Jump1. Mikelle Church-Kanab 14-05.502. Jaci Huntington-Kanab 14-03.003. Haylee Marshall-Beaver 13-10.504. Haylee Erickson-Beaver 13-09.505. Kaylee Gowans-Manti 13-06.006. London Fenus-Kanab 13-05.507. Madi Orton-Kanab 13-03.508. Tabetha Henrie-Panguitch 13-03.00Girls Shot Put.Kaydee Marshall-Beaver 32-00.0oSanilaiti Taukieaho-Manti 31-01.00Ali Mason-North Sevier 31-01.00Jasmin Murillo-Manti 31-00.00Abby Bateman-Kanab 30-05.00Breana Barson-Manti 30-00.50Madysen Griffiths-Milford 29-05.75NayVee Williams-Milford 28-07.75Girls DiscusBreana Barson-Manti 103-07Morgan Blackburn-South Sevier 99-03Jasmin Murillo-Manti 91-11.50Sanilaiti Taukieaho-Manti 84-04Annie Bateman-Kanab 83-09.50Kaelynn Cox-Panguitch 81-06.50Kaydee Marshall-Beaver 79-07.75Alli Mason-North Sevier 72-01.75Girls JavelinKaelynn Cox-Panguitch 103-08JaLeana Tsosie-Milford 94-07.50Breana Barson-Manti 92-07Alaina Barney-North Sevier 87-02Morgan Blackburn-South Sevier 84-06Brynlee Marshall-Beaver 82-01Brittyn Heaton-Valley 81-00Brooklyn Brinkerhoff-Panguitch 78-01center_img Brad Jameslast_img read more

Kanu Says Arsenal Needs ‘Miracle’ to Win Premier League

first_img“If it happens and they win the league, it’s a miracle,” said the former Nigerian. Captain.“It takes time for the newcomers, the new signings, to adapt. We have to allow time for him to bring his own style and the way he wants to play.”Kanu helped Arsenal to two league titles during five years at the club and was part of the undefeated ‘Invincibles’ side of 2003-04.Arsenal is yet to win the Premier League since then.“For the new manager, it’s going to be a very big challenge; the fans want them to perform in the league in his first year, which is always difficult for a new coach,” Kanu said.“It’s a very big club – coming into a big club you need a trophy, so if you don’t win the league, you need to win the others. It’s hard, but that’s what you expect of a coach of that stature and a big club.”Emery has added Uruguay international Lucas Torreira for £26m, along with goalkeeper Bernd Leno from Bayer Leverkusen, defenders Stephan Lichtsteiner from Juventus and Sokratis Papastathopoulos from Borussia Dortmund, as well as 19-year-old midfielder Matteo Guendouzi from Lorient.“He’s been signing new, good players. They’re more defensive, and not allowing goals, which is good,” Kanu added.“They have to know how to win games, even if it’s 1-0. All they need is the three points.”Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Unai Emery’s Arsenal must produce a “miracle” to win the Premier League in the Spaniard’s first season at the club, former Gunners striker Nwankwo Kanu observed Thursday.Former Paris St-Germain boss Emery, who succeeds Arsene Wenger after 22 years, claimed success in 2018-19 would constitute “battling for every title”.Emery has added five signings but Kanu believes the Gunners, sixth last season, must be patient.last_img read more

Senegal Beat Amuneke’s Tanzania 2-0

first_imgSenegal began their Africa Cup of Nations campaign with a routine 2-0 victory over Group C rivals Tanzania in Cairo last night.Aliou Cisse’s side – among the tournament favourites – went ahead through Inter Milan forward Keita Balde’s low finish after 28 minutes.Krepin Diatta blasted in a second from the edge of the box with 64 minutes gone as the Teranga Lions dominated. Senegal are Africa’s highest placed nation in FIFA’s world rankings at 22nd but have never won the tournament.Algeria take on Kenya in Group C’s other opening match later on Sunday.Without suspended Liverpool forward Sadio Mane for their opening match, Senegal wasted a host of chances as they peppered their opponents’ goal with 24 shots.Africa Cup of Nations: Sadio Mane suspended for Senegal’s opening matchSenegal coach Aliou Cisse confirms that his Liverpool forward Sadio Mane is suspended for their Africa Cup of Na…Tanzania, making a first appearance in 39 years following their 1980 debut, had goalkeeper Aishi Manula to thank early on as the 23-year-old twice denied M’Baye Niang in the opening six minutes.Two minutes after slotting in to the bottom corner, Balde should have added the 2017 quarter-finalists’ second but blazed over from Ismaila Sarr’s cut-back.Rennes forward Sarr – a persistent nuisance – had a goal disallowed midway through the first half as Crystal Palace’s Cheikhou Kouyate was penalised for handball in the build-up, while Badou Ndiaye’s ambitious overhead kick flew over the crossbar.Manula again came to the rescue for Tanzania after the interval, stretching to guide a Diatta header to safety and smothering an effort from Sarr as the 131st-ranked side remained in touch.But Senegal were untroubled at the back and Club Brugge midfielder Diatta made the points safe for Cisse’s side with an excellent first-time strike.Senegal now face Algeria on Thursday (18:00 BST), while Tanzania take on Kenya later that day (21:00 BST)Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more