Post Columbia plane crash, reminiscing 5 Sports teams which died in tragic plane crashes

first_imgEverything went haywire on Monday night after a charted jet of LaMia crashed in Columbia carrying the entire Brazilian football team, Chapecoense. It was Brazil’s top league team and was flying to Medellin, to compete against team Atletico in the Copa Sudamericana finals.The plane was carrying 81 people along with the team out of which 76 people died during the crash. Flight LMI2933 crashed on the outskirts of a mountainous area near Medellin in Columbia when it was at an altitude of 15,500 feet, about 30 km from its destination.However, this is not the first time that an incident of this sort has occurred. In the past few decades, a notable number of sports teams have died the exact same way this airline crashed.Take a look at these 5 sports teams which went on board but couldn’t make it to the ground, sadly. 1. Superga Air Disaster (Torino Soccer Club, Italy) – May 4, 1949Photo: Twitter – @GaskellH_ During the summers of 1949, the team’s plane crashed into a mountain near Torino, Italy. The plane crashed on the retaining wall of Basilica of Superga killing 22 members of the Torino soccer club. After the horrific incident, the rest of the season was canceled and the Torino’s were declared the champions.2. The Death of eight team members of Manchester United in Yugoslavia – February 6, 1958Photo: Twitter – @alimentorock937 8 members of the English soccer team Manchester United were killed when their plane crashed in Yugoslavia while they were returning from Munich on February 6, 1958. The team was returning from a European Cup match which was held against the Serbian team Red Star Belgrade.advertisement3. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Football Team (C-46 Plane Crash) – October 29, 1960Photo: Facebook – calpolyvarsityclubAs many as 16 members were killed when the plane carrying the team members crashed on takeoff in Ohio. 22 out of 48 people who were on board were killed including the players of the football team, a student manager and a Cal Poly Football Booster.4. US figure Skating Team Crash, February 16, 1961Photo: Facebook – U.S. Figure SkatingThe entire team of 18 members of the US figure skating team was killed when they boarded Sabena flight 548 for the 1961 World Championship. The plane crashed near Brussels’ Zaventem Airport. 5. The entire football team of Marshall University, November 14, 1970Photo: Facebok – Asani EntertainmentThe airplane crashed into a hill in Ceredo, West Virginia near the Tri-State Airport. All the 75 people who were on board were killed including the 36 football players of the Marshall University. The 2006 film ‘We Are Marshall’ was a tribute to the flight and the members of the team showing the unfortunate aftermath of the tragic incident.last_img read more