Samsung Galaxy 9s Remaining Secrets Leaked on Twitter

first_imgThe Samsung Galaxy 9 might well be one of the most hotly anticipated phone releases in years. That’s partially because the news cycle surrounding the phone has been dominated by a steady stream of leaks. Some of the biggest breaks have come from reddit posts by testers and those with S9 prototypes. But it seems that twitter user @band_gogo_ has posted the latest.The mysterious leaker has posted just about everything you’d want to know, and we’ll run over some of the jucier details below. But! It’s worth keeping in mind that these are still unconfirmed. That said, let’s dig in.According to the mysterious person, the S9 will be a lot more durable than its predecessor, with an aluminum alloy chassis as well as IPX8 certification for water and dust resistance (though only up the three feet in water). read more