2017 Inaugural Address Eric Holcomb Governor of Indiana

first_imgOne who’s been on my mind lately was a young pastor who became this city’s longest-serving mayor, transforming what was derided as IndiaNOplace into IndiaSHOWplace—revitalizing our Capitol city and turning Indianapolis into a sports capital.Such was Bill Hudnut’s vision and passion that he not only lured the Colts to Indianapolis but built a stadium before landing the team!What all of these pioneers have in common are the same traits that have been part of our DNA for 200 years: self-reliance, grit, a can-do attitude, a sense of fairness, and a spirit of generosity.Now, I know that sharing our strengths doesn’t always come naturally to us Hoosiers because of another trait we share: humility.Ironically, Hollywood does it for us.Think of Rudy or Breaking Away. One that’s less well known is Madison and, of course, there’sHoosiers.They’re all stories of perseverance, of David not just taking on but slaying Goliath, of the underdog punching above its weight class through hard work, utilizing their strengths, playing by the rules, getting the basics right.That’s become our story—the Indiana story—and what Indiana has globally grown to be known for.Today we see the results:Our state’s finances are sound.We’re one of only 12 states with a triple-A bond rating.And, we’re keeping nearly 2 billion dollars in reserves in a rainy day fund, all the whilemaintaining a low cost of living and housing.Our unemployment rate is lower than the national average, and—as I mentioned at theoutset—there are more Hoosiers working today than at any other time.These numbers tell a compelling story:We’ve become national leaders in business growth, and we’ve been landing jobs and business relocations that—10 or 12 years ago—were going to Austin or Boston or the Silicon Valley— practically anywhere but here.That’s no longer the case.Today, Indiana has three times the high-tech job growth as the nation as a whole.Warsaw is the Silicon Valley of orthopedics, generating one-third of that industry’s worldwide business. Because I have the great fortune of being the first governor sworn into Indiana’s third century.So it’s an entirely appropriate time to take stock of our past and look ahead to our future.Our forbearers were pioneers.They ventured into an uncertain, untamed wilderness where everything was at risk: their families, their futures, their very survival.As daunting as the challenges were, they didn’t shrink from them. They faced them head on.They built homes and communities, planted fields, constructed canals and roads to connect themselves to one another and to the new country, and established laws to govern themselves to spark the opportunity for prosperity for all.We tend to think of pioneers as people who “settle” a new territory.But pioneers are also people who come up with new ideas or better ways of doing things.They’re trailblazers, inventors, innovators, visionaries.Our forbearers were these kinds of pioneers, as well—with eyes always fixed on the future, wielding not only axes and ploughs but also ingenuity and a passion to improve.Our very Constitution that our Hoosier Framers wrote in 1816 – the first year of statehood – is full of optimism, ambition, and generosity.Among other things, it called for universal education and no slavery – far reaching ideas for the time.And over the past two centuries, Hoosier pioneers blazed trails that have made a titanic difference to the people of Indiana and to the world.We all know the story of…Civil War veteran Col. Eli Lilly helping to pioneer modern medicineMadam C.J. Walker paving the way for women in businessOr Gus Grissom, who made the heavens our new horizons and primed Americans to firstland on the moonAnd I’ve also met Hoosier modern day pioneers everywhere I’ve traveled throughout our state. And our great state is among the nation’s leaders in life-science exports.In fact, of the 50 industries the Brookings Institute says will drive growth in the 21st century, Indiana is a player in 45 of them.They’re coming to Indiana now, because our costs of living and doing business are low and the quality of our workforce is high.In fact, our employers can recruit and groom future employees right out of our world-class universities and colleges.We’re not just competing any more; we’re winning!But, as any champion will tell you, winning one year does not guarantee repeating the next.Despite our standing, despite our ongoing momentum, we can’t afford to get complacent or take our eyes off the ball.Too many Hoosiers and their families feel they’ve been left out or are in danger of being left behind.Too many are not participating in today’s economy or getting a quality education—or are struggling with the strangling grip of drugs.Too many Hoosier grads explore opportunities outside our state line.And too many Hoosier businesses are having trouble finding the skilled workers they need to grow.While Indiana remains an agricultural powerhouse, our average farmer is 58.While we’re Number 1 in the nation in manufacturing, the competition is fierce—not only from 49 states but from countries around the globe.Moreover, in the next 10 years, we’ll need to find one million new skilled workers to replace the 700,000 baby boomers who will retire—plus the 300,000 new jobs we will need to create.Rather than ease up, we must hammer down and maintain that pioneer spirit.This is where I will focus every day…on ways to take our state to the next level: To make Indiana a place where people thrive. Where they can get a good, fulfilling, well-paid job and a world-class education. Where our kids are well-taken care of. Where we have growing opportunities and the freedom to take advantage of them.And even as we invest to make our state stronger, we will apply our proven and proud Hoosier drive and common sense to ensure we deliver good government at great taxpayer value. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharecenter_img “Pioneers Still”2017 Inaugural Address Eric Holcomb Governor of IndianaMadam Chief Justice, Governors Bayh, Daniels, Pence, Lt. Governor Skillman, Speaker Bosma, Senator Long, fellow citizens:I am honored to accept the privilege and duty to serve you and the state we all love.At the outset, I want to recognize three people without whom I wouldn’t be here today, beginning with my wife, Janet.All that I have accomplished has only been possible because of your love, your support, your wit and wisdom and, most importantly, your partnership.I love you, and I look forward to sharing this next new adventure with you every step of the way. There are certain fields in life where the best harbinger of success is to follow great predecessors. By that measure, I’m one of most fortunate men ever to hold this office.Twelve years ago, I sat side-by-side as Mitch Daniels became governor and—through his focus, vision and fearless leadership—Hoosiers came to not only accept change, but to expect it. The results of those early reforms fueled our current greatness.Mike Pence took that momentum and kept it going with more Hoosiers employed in the private sector today than at any time in our history.Our state’s loss is our country’s gain; it says a lot about Indiana leadership that Mike is the sixth Hoosier to go on to serve as Vice President of our great Nation.You are two tough acts to follow.The best way I know how to show my appreciation for the faith you both placed in me is to uphold the same courage, conviction and commitment you each showed in your own ways every day in this office.Thank you both!Ladies and Gentlemen, today marks the 51st time in our rich history that a new administration has taken this solemn oath, and for me it is an exciting opportunity. In the weeks and months ahead, men and women from all across our state will answer the call of service to make sure we hit these targets.Two hundred years ago, our pioneer forbearers came to this territory with little but their aspirations, determination, and—yes—their faith.Over the intervening years, they endured epidemics and depressions, a Civil War, and even two World Wars.Like the contentious debates and sharp divisions found in our political arena today, they didn’t always agree on which direction or which steps to take.Yet they worked to forge a consensus and continually adapted by keeping their focus on ways to make life better for their families and their neighbors.They transformed the economy to meet the changing world—evolving from agriculture to manufacturing to today include aerospace, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing based on high-tech automation—even artificial intelligence.In 1821, just five years after we became our own state, a speaker at a Fourth of July celebration down in Martin County said, “The purest patriotism is to convert the gloomy woods into fields waving with luxuriant harvests.”Hoosiers have been practicing that kind of patriotism for 200 years. And, now we’re called to do it again.Our harvests today might include driverless cars and pilotless barges, or stronger, more flexible metals, or breakthroughs for Alzheimer’s disease.They include healthier citizens, students equipped for 21st century jobs, and stronger, more vibrant communities.Whatever our harvests are, we Hoosiers will jump to work together, ploughing and sowing and nourishing—and making sure they too are luxuriant.I thank everyone who is here today and all those listening from afar on your mobile device for your love of Indiana and the charge you’ve given me.Together, we are the pioneers who will take our state to the next level. And I’m chomping at the bit to start!last_img read more

PREMIERE: The Magic Beans Get Funky In New Single “Always Cool”

first_imgThe Magic Beans have not only become a staple of the Colorado music scene, but have branched out nationally in becoming one of the major up-and-coming acts in the greater jam scene today. With a headlining show at Boulder’s The Fox Theatre for the venue’s month-long 25th Anniversary celebration coming up, along with a lengthy Spring tour with support from Yak Attack and Teddy Midnight, the Beans are getting ready to release a new EP, titled ‘Common Mind’ as well. We caught up with lead guitarist and singer Scott Hachey to catch up on all things Beans….Live For Live Music: So tell us about this upcoming EP.Scott Hachey: The name of the EP is Common Mind, which is also one of the tracks on the release. For the most part, its about human nature getting in the way of everyone coming together and connecting. I think its a suitable title for the EP because the music is at its best when the band comes together in a common mindset, like we did on these tracks.L4LM: How has your sound evolved from your last couple of releases to now?SH: I’d say the sound is constantly evolving. Our last full album, Sites & Sounds, was a couple years ago and we’ve changed a lot as a band since then. We’re all growing as people and musicians everyday cause thats kinda how life goes – you just keep changing and evolving. So the music keeps maturing and we keep trying to bring in new genres and influences that we get turned onto as we write new material. We’ve been touring A LOT too so that always helps push the music.Our last release was an EP as well called The Foam, and it was a ton of fun to make. Thats definitely a more contemporary look at the current sound. We actually enjoyed the process so much, we did this new EP at the same studio and with the same team. So these two EPs will probably sound pretty congruent, like if you put them together they’d make a great full album. We’ve just been touring so much that its been hard to do a full album, so these EPs have let us get out fresh studio work to the people when we have time off from the road. They’ve also allowed us to give some road tested material the studio treatment, which is fun.L4LM: Any backstory for the single that is being released, or the EP, in general?SH: The single, “Always Cool“, is a laid back funky instrumental featuring the very featurable Nicholas Gerlach on sax as well as Matt and Mark Wilkolak on trumpet and trombone. It has a sweet hook, tight snare, and sizable bass solo near the end that is worth mentioning. It should make people feel good is our hope, and the lyrics have a positive message urging people to just listen to the music.The EP features a lot of different stuff though. From some livetronica stuff to a New Orleans-esque tune called “Love Stank.” We like to keep it fresh and embrace a lot of feels in our music. It also features the masterful work of percussionist/drummer, Will Trask, from The Runnikine on almost every track. He’s actually our ex-drummer and one of my best guys.Listen to “Always Cool” below, exclusively through Live For Live Music:L4LM: You guys are based out of Nederland/Boulder area, right? There must be plenty of inspiration derived from such natural beauty all over….SH: You know it. Colorado is full of that stuff. Our first few years as a band we strictly toured the state and lived together up in Nederland at 9000 feet. So we’re constantly wrapped up in the nature out here and its definitely inspirational. As a songwriter, I write a majority of my tunes in the outdoors. So, its natural for those themes to find their way into the lyrics and what not.Another huge inspirational part about the state is the music scene itself. We’re kind of a cultural island out here where scenes mix together a lot. Because we’re not NYC or LA, theres only so many musicians. You have a lot of guys from the jam, funk, jazz, rock, indie, grass, edm, etc scenes coming together at gigs and shows. Lots of cross pollination going on of sorts and bands rubbing off on one another. Theres so much good music out here, we’re lucky to be a part of the community in Colorado.L4LM: Being a Nederland/Boulder-based band, and being part of the The Fox Theatre’s 25th anniversary must be exciting. You have played the venue quite a bit in a short span of time.SH: Yeah, we are honestly beside ourselves about it. The Fox is super special to us and we love it, so to have them ask us to be a part of the whole thing was an honor. Felt like we got the stamp of approval or something.Our first show was actually at the Fox, 1st of 4 bands. I was working there at the time as an intern and begged the talent buyer to get us on a gig haha. We ended up bringing a good crowd and the rest is history. We’ve played there a bunch of times since and sold it out a few times as well. Celebrated our 100th and 300th shows there. Its definitely the defining venue of our band, and always will be.L4LM: It’s impressive to be on a month-long calendar’s with such Colorado juggernauts as The String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, The Motet, Big Gigantic, and more. How does that make you feel to be able to headline your own show amongst such heavyweights?SH: It’s very groovy and unreal. We’re humbled by the opportunity to represent the younger scene in Boulder. Looking at all the amazing Boulder bands that have come before us on the list and then seeing our name in there, its a life moment ya know? All those bands you listed and lots of the other ones are such big inspirations for us, and still are. Like I said earlier though, Colorado rolls as a crew and we’ve had the opportunity to work and hang with all these guys before in some regard. That’s what is great about the scene here, it’s all love and support. But seriously Big G > Motet > then Beans this weekend!?! We’re a little nervous and know we gotta bring it hard, haha.L4LM: Beanstalk is looking to be a great time this year, with performances scheduled from Fruitioin, Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles, Theo Katzman (Vulfpeck), Tom Hamilton’s American Babies with Aron Magner, obviously multiple sets from the Beans, and more. Give us a little 4-1-1 to share with the masses.SH: This year is going to be the best one yet without a doubt. We’re very pumped on the lineup, which features some of our favorite musicians right now. And we’re back at the original location for the festival which is ideal. Things tend to get a little crazy at Beanstalk and we love it. It’s a place where our whole fanbase, friend groups, and other Colorado bands get to hang together at one festival. I feel like everyone has their separate one or two big live music journeys of the year, and Beanstalk is a place where they know the whole crew will be at together.Beanstalk Festival Announces Final Additions To 2017 LineupL4LM: And the venue is absolutely beautiful as well….SH: Most definitely! The venue, Rancho Del Rio, is a gorgeous slice of land right on the Colorado River pretty far back in the Rockies. It has a wild west vibe with trains in the distance, red mountains, and no cell service. Very freeing. You can go rafting down the river, swimming, tubing, hiking, biking, cliff jumping, hit up some hot springs. It’s a good hang.The vibe is loose and most everyone is connected in some way, shape, or form. There are always a lot of surprises as far as music goes; super groups, surprise sit-ins, guests, etc. One time Nick from Cage the Elephant showed up on Sunday before his Red Rocks gig the next day and sat in with Magic Brownies, which was a Biscuits/Beans super group with Marc Brownstein. He apparently used to live in the Biscuits rehearsal space back in the day and now he’s selling out the Rocks – so stuff like that happens and I think the loose atmosphere facilitates it.It caps at 1000, so its small and everyone can come together for events like crawfish boils, capture the flag, and a game invented last year called Mud Gun. I won’t get into that one though. Definitely a unique experience, and much cheaper than most festivals. Folks should come if they like to have fun outside with good people.SH: Well, thats my spiel… we’re starting a coast to coast tour next month so everyone check out our dates at www.magicbeansmusic.com. We’re touring with Teddy Midnight out East and Yak Attack out West on some select dates. See you all soon!L4LM: Thanks Scott! We appreciate your time. Best of luck on the road the next few weeks.Be sure to check The Magic Beans out on the road in a town near you. Full tour dates below. Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival is scheduled for June 22nd-25th at Rancho Del Rio, CO. For more information on the festival, click here.The Magic Beans Tour Dates3/18 @ The Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO3/20 @ Shakedown Street in Vail, CO3/23 @ The Historic Brown in Breckenridge, CO3/28 @ Reverb Lounge in Omaha, NE3/29 @ Turf Club in St. Paul, MN3/30 @ The Canopy Club in Urbana, IL3/31 @ Martyr’s in Chicago, IL4/01 @ The Stache at the Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI4/02 @ Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, OH4/04 @ Iron Works in Buffalo, NY *4/06 @ Funk n Waffles in Syracuse, NY *4/07 @ The Hollow in Albany, NY *4/08 @ Nectar’s in Burlington, VT *4/09 @ Port City Music Hall in Portland, ME *4/11 @ The Outer Space in Hamden, CT *4/12 @ Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ *4/13 @ Silk City in Philadelphia, PA *4/14 @ The Hall at MP in Brooklyn, NY4/15 @ 8×10 in Baltimore, MD *4/26 @ The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA **4/27 @ Boom Boom Room in San Francisco, CA **4/28 @ Crazy Horse Saloon in Nevada City, NV4/29 @ Crystal Bay Casino in Crystal Bay, NV5/03 @ Volcanic Theatre in Bend, OR5/04 @ HiFi Music Hall in Eugene, OR **5/07 @ The Sunset in Seattle, WA6/22-6/25 @ Beanstalk Music & Mountains Festival in Bond, CO* w/ Teddy Midnight** w/ Yak Attacklast_img read more

Cricket News Jasprit Bumrah delivers terrific spell, falters in death overs in series-deciding Kotla ODI

first_imgIn his next spell, he bowled full and bowled around the short of a length area. Bumrah mixed his length well and continued to choke the flow of runs needed for Australia to sustain momentum. When he came onto bowl in the final 10 overs, generally considered the death overs, Bumrah was in his elements. The right-arm pacer beat the outside edge of Stoinis as he used the angle and seam well to generate movement of the deck. After eight overs, Bumrah had remarkable figures of 8-0-14-0. With only three overs remaining and with Australia having lost momentum scoring just 51 runs in 13 overs and losing five wickets, the stage was set for a Bumrah special. However, it backfired. After conceding a couple first ball, Jhye Richardson used the pace to guide a full ball to the third man fence. Bumrah pitched it up outside off and Richardson drove brilliantly to the deep extra cover fence. When he responded with a yorker, Bumrah showed off his angry side and hurled a mindless throw back onto the stumps. However, it ricocheted and defeated Rishabh Pant’s attempt to stop the ball and he conceded another four runs. When Pat Cummins steered a full ball to the third man fence, 19 runs had come off the 48th over. Bumrah conceded four boundaries in the over. He had not conceded a single four in eight overs. Australia had tipped the match in their favour slightly. Another boundary in the final over by Richardson saw Bumrah conceding 25 runs in two overs as Australia ended on 272/9. The figures of 10-0-39-0 are not bad considering how the rest of the bowling fared on the Kotla deck. However, the bowling spell of Bumrah summed up the roller-coaster time he has endured in this series.  Jasprit Bumrah had figures of 8-0-14-0 before the death overs.Bumrah has taken five wickets in the entire series.India has lost only once in the Feroz Shah Kotla to Australia. New Delhi: Jasprit Bumrah is currently the No.1 ODI bowler in the ICC rankings. His ability to bowl perfect yorkers at the death and maintain his accurate line, length on a consistent basis has made him a class apart from the rest of the bowlers. By his own lofty standards which he has set ever since he burst on to the scene in the Sydney ODI against Australia, this current series has not actually lived up to his stature. After a brilliant performance in the Vizag T20I, Bumrah was attacked in the Bangalore match as Australia won the series 2-0 for the first time. In the ODIs, he had a moderate game in Hyderabad before sealing the deal in Nagpur with a brilliant spell of 2/29. In the game in Ranchi, he went wicketless and had an economy rate of 5.3 and in Mohali, he was undone by the dew factor as he was carted for 63 runs despite taking three wickets. In Delhi, his see-saw momentum continued. Australia had made a decent start after winning a crucial toss. Usman Khawaja and Aaron Finch gave Australia a fast start. Bumrah came onto bowl in the seventh over and he immediately restricted the flow of runs. His plan to bowl back of a length and on a good length around the off stump area worked wonders. In his first four overs, he conceded just eight runs.  For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. highlightslast_img read more