Trying sustainably

first_imgBy April SorrowUniversity of GeorgiaNestled between buildings — and currently hidden behind a construction zone — a garden grows. The University of Georgia Trial Gardens is where plants from all over the world are tested. Now grown in a sustainable way, the garden has little impact on the environment but a huge one on the people who visit it. “Everybody looks at this garden to demonstrate new ways to do things,” said Camille Evans, a UGA student and the garden’s sustainability co-director. “By taking steps toward sustainability, hopefully we can help them take steps in the right direction at their home and business. If they can see that it works here, they can see it will work other places, too.” Allan Armitage, a horticulture professor with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, started the garden in 1982. It has grown into a place where plant breeders from around the world want to test their plants’ ability to grow in heat and humidity. Three years ago, a decision was made to make the gardens sustainable. The garden is reducing its environmental impact through minimizing water use, maximizing soil nutrients, reducing the use of plastics and letting nature work. “We always were pretty careful, which made it easier for us,” Armitage said. “We used to use a lot of plastic; we use hardly any now. We used to use inorganic fertilizers; everything is organic now. Although we never used sprays indiscriminately, we have minimized to almost nothing today. But we do spray if we have an infestation of a certain insect that we can’t get rid of organically. We do have to apply chemicals. We simply do everything better, but we are not perfect.” Installing a drip irrigation system reduced water use at the garden 80 percent. Winter cover crops increase soil minerals. Plastic pots have been replaced with biodegradable paper cylinders full of soil. Utilizing sustainable products, like Ellepots, the garden has increased efficiency. The “pick up and plant” technique used with the paper pots cuts planting time. And the pot’s design helps the plant grow better and faster. The garden looks to start trends in the horticulture industry, Evans said. “Everyone has a different definition of sustainability,” Evans said. “We take steps to be innovative and environmentally conscience in what we do. We may be doing some things that some people may not consider sustainable. So, you do what you can and maybe next year you do it better. If everyone did that, we’d all be in a better position.” The garden receives most of its sustainable inputs from Ball Horticulture Company free of charge. Leaders in the industry, Ball provides the trial garden with Ellepots and Daniels fertilizers. Armitage wanted to be the first sustainable trial garden in the U.S., said Janet Curry, Ball sales representative. And she wanted to help him.“We wanted to reach the students who will be in our industry. If we can help them learn how to be sustainable, it will be to everyone’s benefit,” Curry said. As a teaching facility, the garden exposes students to various annual and perennial species and allows them to study the different growth habits, tolerances and uses. “This is a true research laboratory. We look at unknown plant material, evaluate them, generate data and dispense it to those who are interested,” Armitage said. “The other great thing about this garden is its use as a classroom. The students are exposed to the plants right next door. I don’t know any other university that has a facility as diverse as this that is so easy for the students to walk to. Also, for the general public and people on campus it is a beautiful place to visit, eat their lunch and relax. After all, where is it written that research cannot be beautiful?” To view the results of the trials, visit Sorrow is a news editor with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

90-year-old suspected in hit-and-run that killed veteran

first_imgPasco County police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash involving a 90-year-old suspect and an army veteran.The unidentified person of interest who allegedly fled the scene lives five blocks away from the victim 77-year-old Larry Small, police say.The Florida Highway Patrol responded to a call of a crash involving a pedestrian on a motorized wheelchair and a Dodge minivan, Monday afternoon.The victim, Small, was pronounced dead at the scene, according to FHP.A witness captured the crash on his home surveillance video and turned over the evidence to police.“Rolled him up over the hood into the windshield and Larry came down and hit head first on the pavement,” Glenn Zimmerman told ABC Action News reporters.“The driver was going way too fast, and the driver knew that he hit him never got out of his vehicle backed up a little bit to basically get around the body or around the wheelchair or the scooter and proceeded westbound down Moog Road,” Zimmerman said. “It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting. There is a chance he was still alive. You could’ve helped you could’ve done something, and he definitely knows he hit him.”Police are not investigating any other suspects at this time.last_img read more

Nelson skaters look to sharpen routines in Rossland

first_imgSTAR 4 13&O – Courtney Shrieves, Morgan SaboSTAR 5 U13 – Charly DeFouwSTAR 5 13&O – Breanna TomilinInterpretive Events:Pre-Introductory Interpretive – Charly DeFouwIntroductory Interpretive – Morgan SaboBronze Interpretive – Breanna TomilinDance Solo Events:Jr. Bronze Dance Solo – Lila McKechnieSr. Bronze Dance Solo – Courtney ShrievesSr. Silver Dance Solo – Christina Champlin, Breanna TomilinElements Events:Elements 1 – Helena Keating, Isabella Kroker-Kimber, Morgan SaboElements 2 – Charly DeFouw, Breanna TomilinFor more info and photos visit Free Skate Events:STAR 1 – Aurora Panko-Dool, Lulu Nyiti, Courtney DonaldsonSTAR 2-Tia Berens, Leo Measures, Lila McKechnie, Helena Keating, Hannah CorvenSTAR 3 – Isabella Kroker-Kimber A slate 14 of competitors the Nelson Figure Skating Club will test their mettle this weekend at the West Kootenay Invitational in Rossland.The meet marks the second major competition in the Kootenay Region giving skaters another opportunity to have their performances rated by a team of judges. In addition many skaters will be attempting to pass Dance and Elements Test.“Our senior skaters are looking to improve on their scores from the East Kootenay Invitational in Kimberley this past November,” said coach Sarah Gower.“They’re building towards hitting their peaks for the STARSkate Super Senior Series Final in Kelowna this March where provincial champions at all levels will be crowned.”For those skaters competing at STAR 4 and over their marks will also count towards qualifying for the Provincial Development Camp later this year.“The is the busiest time of the season,” adds coach Yoshie Measures.  “We have kids working on freeskate and interpretive programs as well as taking tests. For our younger skaters Rossland will be their first taste of what a competition is like.”last_img read more

NEBC Yukon Midget Trackers to host 4th Annual Foodbank Hockey Game this Friday

first_img For this game, the Trackers will be hosting the Grande Prairie Storm. – Advertisement -While this game is open to the public, Coulter suggests that the public should attend early as the stands will fill up quickly by students from local schools. The 4th Annual Trackers’ Foodbank Hockey Game is this Friday, December 13 with Puck drop at 12:00 p.m. at the North Peace Arena. Tickets will also be on sale for the Trackers’ $5,000 Gift Card Christmas Raffle.Advertisement Admission to the game is by donation of a non-perishable food item, which then will be collected for the Salvation Army Foodbank. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Northeast B.C. Yukon Midget Trackers will be hosting their 4th Annual Foodbank Hockey Game this Friday, December 13. According to Energetic Learning Campus Vice-Principal, Lori Coulter, this special Foodbank game will be held during the school day to allow students to watch the game as they cheer on their fellow schoolmates, as all of the Trackers attend North Peace Secondary School or the ELC.last_img read more

Spartan Stadium shut down for safety reasons this year

first_imgRed Bluff >> Spartan Stadium will be a very quiet place this year. Red Bluff Joint Unified High School District officials this week decided to shutdown the football and soccer field at the school after the synthetic field surface failed a number of safety measures. The latest test through GMAX occurred on July 25, Superintendent Todd Brose said. The results failed on 9 out of 10 spots on the field, which is a significant deterioration from two years ago when Brose said 1 out of 10 areas …last_img read more

Mandela Day: ‘thank you’ to all who took part

first_img21 July 2014 While the government thanked those South Africans who dedicated 67 minutes of their time to cleaning up their surroundings on Friday, the Nelson Mandela Foundation thanked all those from around the world who turned out in support of the first Mandela Day since Mandela’s passing. In South Africa, President Jacob Zuma’s clean-up campaign in the Eastern Cape was accompanied by clean-up initiatives – and a host of other volunteer and community service activities – by government departments, companies, organisations and communities countrywide. “Our country is the perfect example of what can be achieved when people come together because of our history,” Communications Minister Faith Muthambi said on Friday. “Every individual has the ability and responsibility to impact positive change.” The Nelson Mandela Foundation said it was heartened by the number of sustainable projects still thriving, five years after the first Mandela Day in 2009. “At the same time it has been inspiring to see the range of innovative new projects to emerge,” the foundation said. “And we welcome the degree to which structures of the state, of civil society and in the private sector are working together for the campaign.” Mandela Day activations were recorded in 126 countries, with over 1 200 activities registered on the Mandela Day website. Nearly half-a-million food parcels were distributed to needy South Africans. Over a million sanitary towels were made available to South African schoolgirls. “Drawing on volunteers from Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the US and South Africa, Habitat for Humanity built another 67 houses for those in need. And we recorded over 15 000 books donated to school libraries on the day itself. “Of course, the heart of Mandela Day is not about numbers and statistics,” the foundation said. “It is about building sustainable cultures of service, overcoming alienation, and inspiring people to change their societies so that fundamental systemic issues are addressed. “Let us demonstrate that the legacy of Nelson Mandela is a living one. Let us make Mr Mandela proud, every day.” Source: read more

Free Script Writing Software Options for the Low-Budget Filmmaker

first_imgNeed to write a script on a no-to-low-budget? Here are some great, free alternatives to the high priced Hollywood standards.You want to write a movie! You Google the best screenwriting software and come upon Final Draft, an industry standard. With such words of praise from Guillermo del Toro like: “If one could marry a program — or even elope with one — I would choose Final Draft.” J.J. Abrams even recommends getting Final Draft, even if you don’t own a computer! Then you get to the price: $250.Now, I’m not saying it isn’t worth it. Final Draft has many wonderful features that help get you from concept to, well, a final draft of your script. The program aids in fast character and scene reports so your First AD and Line Producers can start building budgets and schedules. But when you’re starting out as a starving screenwriter, you might not be able to afford this with all its bells and whistles. You need something cheap. You need something free!For the past few years, I’ve been using an old desktop version of Celtx. Celtx still has a free version. However, it’s browser-based and only allows you to write up to three projects (including ones you trash). The browser version is still good, featuring a decent character catalog system and other features. However, I wanted to see if there were any fully free script writing software on the web that don’t limit you. Here’s what I found.FountainFountain isn’t even a program. It’s a very basic set of rules you can incorporate into any standard word processor, whether it be Notepad, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc. It’ll take a bit to learn, but it’s free. Once you’re done writing, you just pass your document through a growing list of Fountain-supported apps that will then do all the industry standard formatting for you. And yes, several of those apps are free to use.Images via fountain.ioThis is great because you could write a whole screenplay on your phone’s text app, as long as you follow the Fountain syntax rules. And, through some of the supported Fountain apps, you can even convert it to a Final Draft file. But Final Draft will not directly import Fountain, so you’ll need to pass it through a conversion app. However, the programs listed below do import Fountain and can even export to it for switching between programs.TrelbyIn a way, Trelby is a step up from Fountain. It’s a full fledged program you can download for free. It’s open source so if you’re a developer, you can get into the code and modify it as you please.Trelby is only available for Windows and Linux, so it’s a no-go for iOS (any Mac users can just skip ahead to the next program overview). Keep in mind, Trelby is extremely basic. Want to write a script? Here you go. It’s got some features and allows for decent customization of margins and what the Tab and Enter keys do, and the colors of the interface.Image via trelby.orgA negative of the program is that whenever you add (V.O.), it counts it as a whole new character in the reports. But a positive is that the PDF export contains bookmarks for each scene heading. Plus, along with exporting to Fountain, you can export to Final Draft XML.Image via trelby.orgAll in all, it’s pretty straightforward. Open the app, write your script, export. There are no bells and whistles with Trelby. No complaints, but it leaves the user wanting.Kit ScenaristThis program is pretty awesome. For being completely free, it’s very versatile. It’s made by a Russian developer who is continuously perfecting the software. You can even download the most current Beta Test version, or simply opt for the last, most stable update.You can export for Final Draft, which is a plus if you’re going to be working with a crew who uses it. It also exports to Word DOCX and PDF, of course. The program offers several different script formats depending on your region. It includes Hebrew, Chinese, and Russian script formats, along with the default Hollywood standard.A nice feature is that up in the right hand corner, there’s a clock that gives you an estimation of how long your screenplay is in minutes and seconds. Depending on where your cursor is, it also shows how many minutes into the film you are. Of course, this clock is an approximation based on sixty seconds a page (which can be adjusted in the settings), but it gives a nice sense of accomplishment as you write more and more.Additionally, this feature extends to the scene Table of Contents on the left. There, you can see estimations of how long each scene will be. I love this feature because it really helps me with figuring out pacing in my scripts, so I can decide if a scene should be longer or shorter.While it’s free, you can pay for dedicated cloud storage and buy a mobile version for your phone (available on both Android and iOS). Through the cloud storage, you can sync your script between desktop and your mobile device. However, no money or email signup is required to download the free version.A negative is that the program is still in the works, so you may run into some issues here and there as the developer refines the coding. Be sure to save your work often and download the updates when prompted.Overall, I really like this program because of how intuitive it feels. If you’ve ever written a film script before, you’ll easily pick up this program in just a few minutes. There’s a lot of great features to explore — too many to list here — especially considering it’s free. Definitely check it out!These are just a few options for free screenwriting software. If you decide to purchase a full-fledged, script writing software, you don’t have to limit yourself to Final Draft. But, I hope these options help you as you’re starting out. At the end of the day, what matters most is the screenplay itself. No program can make up for poor writing. Be sure to keep practicing, refining your art, and reading other scripts to sharpen your skills. The program is just a tool to make the job a little more convenient.Top image via gerasimov_foto_174.Looking for more tips on script writing? Check these out.How to Overcome the 5 Biggest Obstacles to Writing Your ScreenplayPre-Production Tips: How and Why to Break Down a ScriptIndustry Insights: The Ins and Outs of Working as a Script SupervisorAustin Film Festival Interview: Insights for Turning Your Script into a 90-Second PitchInterview: Christina Kallas on Writing and Directing Multi-Protagonist Screenplayslast_img read more

19 days agoAC Milan directors Boban and Maldini admit Elliott differences

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say AC Milan directors Boban and Maldini admit Elliott differencesby Carlos Volcano19 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveAC Milan directors Zvonimir Boban and Paolo Maldini admit they have different ambitions compared with owners Elliott Management.Elliott remain in the business of selling the club.“No young team, with all young players, won the Champions League. That’s a fact,” said Maldini to the FT.“Even a Scudetto,” added fellow director and former teammate Boban.“Our dream is to have results tomorrow. [Elliott] have a different path, they have a different vision . . . I think we can find a way that we’re both happy.” last_img read more

Worker killed as drilling rig moved at northern Alberta oilsands site

first_imgCONKLIN, Alta. – A worker has been killed in an energy sector accident in northern Alberta.Cenovus Energy Inc., says the accident happened late Tuesday night at its Christina Lake oilsands site, about 350 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.The company says in a release that the death involved a hauling truck and occurred as a drilling rig was being moved.The worker was employed by one of Cenovus’s third-party contracting companies.Officials have not released any other details, including the person’s name.Brett Harris, a Cenovus spokesman, says the drill rig site has been shut down for an investigation.(Companies in this story: TSX:CVE)last_img read more

Saskatchewan premier says his province will also table oil ban bill

first_imgEDMONTON – Premier Scott Moe says Saskatchewan will join Alberta in a fight with B.C. over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion by introducing its own legislation on oil exports.Moe says his government will bring in a bill in the coming days that could result in less oil moving to British Columbia.“We do ship some energy products to British Columbia but not a huge amount. The majority of the energy products that are shipped to British Columbia come from Alberta,” said Moe in Regina.“What we’re saying is if they (Alberta) turn off those taps, Saskatchewan won’t be here to fill those (B.C.) fuel tanks.”Moe said he wants the legislation passed in the current session of the legislature so that it can work in tandem with Alberta’s legislation.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s government introduced a law on Monday that would give the province power to unilaterally reduce exports of oil and natural gas.The bill aims to give the energy minister authority to intervene in the market, via direct licences to companies, to decide when and how certain oil and natural gas products are exported.Moe said his bill is still being worked on, but it is likely to involve a similar permitting process.“That’s something that we would look at very closely, and if not mirroring (Alberta’s bill) being something similar.”In Edmonton on Tuesday, Alberta Energy Minister Marg McCuaig-Boyd welcomed Saskatchewan’s actions.“I appreciate that they also see the importance of the energy industry to Alberta and indeed to the country,” she said.Alberta and B.C. have been at odds over the Trans Mountain project, which was approved in 2016 but has been hamstrung by court challenges and permit delays in B.C.Alberta says the expansion is critical to reduce bottlenecks that cost Canada $40 million a day in lost revenue, but B.C. says it remains concerned about potential oil spills on its waterways and coastline.The future of the $7.4-billion project is uncertain. Earlier this month, pipeline-builder Kinder Morgan announced it was ratcheting back spending on it, because the actions of the B.C. government have sown investor uncertainty.Kinder Morgan has set a deadline of May 31 to get a tangible sign from Canada that the project can and will be completed.Alberta and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government are discussing taking an equity stake in the pipeline to ensure it gets done.Moe said he’s not concerned that the bills might result in court challenges and fines as a breach of free-trade rules.He said it’s an unusual and unfortunate situation that began with B.C. interfering in a federally approved interprovincial pipeline.“We hope it doesn’t come to this. We truly don’t. This is not a conversation we want to be having,” he said.Alberta’s oil sells at a discount on North American markets due to lack of market access outside the United States.Moe said that same discount affects Saskatchewan and has a domino effect, because oil transported by rail means delays in moving other products such as grain and potash. He estimates the oil differential costs Saskatchewan $150 million a year.last_img read more