What does the growth of antidepressant consumption in the world have to do with tourism?

first_imgAustralia is the second largest consumer of antidepressants, followed by Portugal, the UK, etc.… This is also a good example of how ideas are created or a plastic example of a creative process. Just one piece of information, a moment, a picture, a sentence is enough to get our attention to start a creative tornado in our head. That is why it is necessary to read, explore, look at the world with open eyes, and follow a wider range of topics. It all starts with one idea, and I hope that this article has provoked at least one positive reaction, so maybe with a good brainstorming a new tourist story will happen. PS The project will start soon “Let’s go to the country”In Zagreb County, so here is perhaps the first opportunity for a #nostress weekend without the city crowds and noise. NoStress as the main motive for communication would offer enjoyment on an island without a lot of people, in the pre- or postseason, or in Lika and Slavonia, and would certainly include active tourism, eno and gastronomic offer, Wellness, olive picking, Lika or Velebit (Via Dinarica ), cycling in the interior of Istria and visiting taverns, eco accommodation, picking truffles or lavender (making perfume or lavender soap), a tour that visits several islands, etc.… on the other hand physical work, as well as sports, is according to many studies a good stress channel . Can I imagine spending a weekend in Betina on Murter in the off-season at a small shipbuilding workshop? I certainly can. And if he managed to make a small boat that is functional in 7 days, that would be a great story. Imagine taking a ride on a boat you made yourself and throwing a hook and catching dinner with the host. By the way, last year in Resort 9 on Korčula, in cooperation with the masters of shipbuilding, they worked on a workshop with guests, and as part of the animation team worked with children on small wooden boats, which were functional and later driven by children at sea. I can only imagine the joy and facial expressions of the children as they boarded their wooden boat and sailed the sea. By the way, the consumption of antidepressants is growing in the world from year to year, and various studies show that. For example, as reported by Novi List, in a study published in the European Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, it is stated that in the period from 2005 to 2012, the number of young people prescribed antidepressants by doctors in Germany increased by 49 percent, in the UK by 54 percent, and in Denmark by as much as 60 percent. In the same period, the United States recorded a 26 percent increase in the consumption of these drugs, and the Netherlands a 17 percent increase. Photo: Pixabay.com Can we offer a #nostress weekend or week in Croatia? We certainly can, from the islands, the inland along the coast and continental tourism. Also, we can thematically relate to the same philosophy, but through some additional motive / passion such as reading, (a week of literature by the sea, a week of French chanson) or some education in the context of sewing, brewing beer, etc.… These are all just different ideas that are currently spinning in my head, my brain is working in sixth gear, but with a little longer brainstorming you can certainly make a great story and a winning “nostress combination. Especially if there are more of us, because two heads are smarter than one. Source: Statista Looking at this table, the idea immediately came to my mind so that we could use this information well for tourism, in the context of a tourist offer that communicates and positions a destination as a #NoStres destination. So let me share the loud thinking with you. When we look at the bigger picture, stress is one of the main diseases of the modern age, and the growing focus is on exercise, a healthy and organic diet or a healthy lifestyle, and immediately away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work. What does the growth of antidepressant consumption in the world have to do with tourism? Opportunity to extend before and after the season? #nostress as a tourist product and smart positioning of a tourist destination would certainly be a smart move. The world is full of people who share the same passion, and who gather through various specified and niche portals, groups, etc.… let’s say one of the great passions are the fans of the spachki. Thus, Samobor hosted 23 participants from 9000 countries and about 40 visitors as part of the 3000rd World Meeting of Spaček in a few days. There is no #NoStress motive in this story, maybe it would be more of an international chess tournament on an island, but I’m just giving an example of how people connect through various passions, which can and are the motive for coming. (Chess grandmaster Gari Kasparov has Croatian citizenship and lives in Croatia, and I’m sure many chess lovers would like to have the opportunity to talk to him in person) Globally, the World Health Organization estimates, depression will become another health problem by 2020. #NoStress, healthy living, nature, ecology, organic food, with an additional motive for coming are certainly a great combination. Fifteen years ago, Iceland had the world’s highest rate of antidepressant consumption – 15 out of 71 people consumed antidepressants daily. Until 1.000, this trend did not change, unfortunately it only worsened, and according to the Statistics in 2015, the number of antidepressant consumption increased to 2015 out of 130 antidepressants consumed daily. #NoStress as the focus and positioning of a destination in the off-season. Why not, who will be the first to position itself in that segment? Of course, this is not about the mass of tourists, but about the philosophy of fewer tourists with higher consumption. One thing is for sure, but stress tours that offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with an invitation to get to know nature, hear the “sound of silence” and various other marketing messages packaged in a great NoStress tourist product could be a hit.last_img read more