Teach you how to solve the website search engine pull hair



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now the individual stationmaster at hand are four or five sites, some even up to several dozen, of course, a person must not have enough energy to maintain, so many owners on the Internet to buy some large acquisition plug-in acquisition other site content, perhaps at the beginning of the effect is good, especially is very strong for the record, because before I got a collection site, so pretty well. But after a period of time, Shanghai began to love its website collection content included decreased slowly, until not included, in to the site by K, pulled hair treatment. read more

mprove the site weight access speed will advance!

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as everyone knows, the site speed is very important for the Shanghai dragon and user experience. Faster web access speed can get higher search engine rankings, which means more users click access, it represents a higher conversion rate of users. In short, the Shanghai dragon ER, improve the site access speed and quality of the original web content is as important as.

Er Shanghai dragon can through many web analytics tools to do a "diagnosis" on their website, the diagnosis is often display a cost for each element loading time, so what factors affect the speed of the site read more