Love Shanghai Taobao will decide on what path to follow the storm

can be drawn from the above analysis, Taobao customers in the future must be doing fine, pay more attention to the user experience, then the Shanghai dragon + blog this model can do? What should we do?

first, Taobao is currently the guest of a fool, led to the unusually fierce competition, most of the products have become the Red Sea. The love of Shanghai adjustment is focus on user experience, to raise the threshold of

will decide on what path to follow? Why is Taobao

, give the user valuable information. Before is through the collected articles to the rankings, it is just the original article, solve the user’s question, to the user value, so as to achieve a win-win. Like a long time ago, there is a "dress collocation" appeared in the Taobao station. Insist on finishing the body collocation every day, this will give the user value, and then recommend products, to achieve a win-win situation. read more

ntroduces several methods to optimize the site navigation

we should be placed on the front page of the site map file, this is very good, regardless of the search engine or the user, the surface is quite friendly, site map to the site contains links to all the pages or most important pages, should pay attention to check links, don’t appear dead links and outdated links the site map. But these pages should be organized in order rather than just a list of all page links. For example, by classification, a certain theme to organize the page links.

search engines crawl web content is accomplished through the search engine spiders, like in our daily life like spiders, continue to climb, and then grab content, a good site navigation structure, not only can make the site easier for users to understand the content of the web site overall theme, easy to find yourself to the content, but also can help the search engine spiders clear basic structure, division of the weight of your site, the more easy to grab the page, judging from the overall theme of your site. Site navigation structure plays an important role in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, especially web pages are too many, is more important. Combined with the practice of Shanghai Longfeng training small own Wuhan, how to optimize the site navigation structure on read more

Local talent website optimization experience sharing

keyword optimization

user search habits change so keyword optimization strategy we should change. Love Shanghai, love Shanghai related search drop-down box will affect the user’s search habits, we need to search every keyword analysis, timely correction is not conducive to the user search keywords. Through the analysis of small bright, find the daily consultation of customers, many are entering the site through the long tail keywords users. Although the target keywords can improve website traffic and consulting rate, but also quite fierce competition. And the long tail keywords competition is small, but has a lot of potential users. So in the daily keyword optimization strategy in the optimization of the long tail keywords is very important. We have to do is set jianglikun all users may search the long tail keywords, optimize gradually, Many a little make a mickle. reach the final qualitative change. Is the effect of long tail keywords optimization, enter the site through the long tail word visitors than target keywords into visitors. read more

How to choose a suitable for their own boss when Shanghai Dragon

webmaster in Shanghai dragon is not the time to do their own, is also a lot of time for others to "work", for someone else’s site to do so, Shanghai dragon, it is possible to meet all kinds of boss. As the "thousand often and horses do not often" webmaster in others to do the station if meet an expert fortunately, if meet a layman, will only give you no reason to the rigid requirements, can let a person have the feeling, therefore, a good boss is also it is necessary to do the Shanghai dragon means of survival! Specifically how to do, in fact, is simple, you can learn to read, to avoid opening the following situations boss basically no big problem. read more

The spider and the user advanced user and super user


believe that we face spider is not strange, general senior commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng more familiar to the user, because we all do everything for them, but how many Shanghai Longfeng scholars understand them, want to know them? I don’t believe that, because the Shanghai dragon industry are more focused on the immediate the real interest, Shanghai dragon meaning to misunderstand, sure someone will say me, so what love is not stupid, Shanghai people, afraid of love what love Shanghai, Shanghai although not accurate to 100%, but we do have to go out of the way, because it is long, not much nonsense today, Lin Jianhui talk about spiders and users love what kind of website. read more

ntegrated search optimization three Video Search

, which are news and image search. So today and we will discuss the integration of the three: video search search.

< >

2. text


5. user comments and messages

this point and Taobao on the face of the seller’s comments about more positive comments that the video is more popular. This point and above the number of plays, as well as user ratings, and will not go.

video file where the page title, which is the title of the page. This page title written without any distinction, that indicates that the page and video theme can be. read more

Taobao diamond sellers ways to promote Taobao storess it a good medicine or a bitter medicine for c

now China’s online marketing industry is oversupply.

for absolute oversupply in the market environment, a lot of business not what experience, familiar with the shop not students with entrepreneurial fantasy, flood, what will happen; first we don’t talk about to sell, we can not consider the specific circumstances of a people-oriented, under the students:

Description: search engine is a website specializing in information retrieval and query, is the first place for many users of online information query and surfing on the Internet, so your store registered in the search engine, is the preferred method to promote and publicize your store. If you register a larger number of search engines, your store will be more likely to be visited. read more

Through the analysis of the demand of the web site keywords ranking


what is the demand analysis of

then, let us look at, in the process of the analysis of user needs, in addition to web page layout, we also need to consider what. Through the earlier example, we should have to understand that we need to consider how the user needs are sorted according to the important degree >

car home car network name, or the user in the search and car related keywords, the site is always in the first row. It seems that this seems to be an easy job to do, but it is not. As we all know, a search for a keyword in the search engine’s search box, search will search the drop-down box, the bottom will usually show the relevant search words, will also train the search results: vehicle parameters, car pictures, quotes, discussion, video (Post Bar). The display in the drop-down box related search terms, is the user’s needs. read more

The unreasonable structure of the website will become your website ranking killer

enterprise station made, before the company’s website also made such a mistake, please see below:

company is specialized in the production and sale of sprinkler, tank truck, garbage truck, truck cranes, liquefied gas tankers, chemical vehicles and other types of special vehicle,

you want to make your site more competitive? Change the above error >

A network company

from the search engine to consider, you know that your website weight is the highest place in where? Maybe you didn’t realize it, but this with you revealed a secret: the highest weight is your site navigation website. The weight of your site is in accordance with the descending order from left to right and from top to bottom. Like that enterprise station navigation, obviously is a waste of resources, such as search engines determine simulation user needs. So why don’t we use our navigation, directly put products in our navigation? Here is the website structure of the company now, directly to the main types of our company in the navigation, so users to our company website product is not very clear? This will not only meet the special purchase the car user needs, but also meet the principle of search engine weight. read more

How to reduce the impact on the website optimization Website

website page will be the current location, forms such as "home > > > > > > website optimization;; the content page," optimization of experienced people will be arranged within the chain here, such as "home" to form words, such as "Wuhan website optimization company first page > > > > > > website optimization;; the content page," so you may feel a little problem, but the search engine that has great influence. As a mature web site in large quantity, so after the change is equal to each of the inside pages were changed. So if you need to change, can take the manual step by step. Of course, if the web page is not less than 50, there is no need to "step by step. read more