Algerians Where Is Your Pride

By Majid MorceliSan Francisco – Algerians have been telling themselves that they are proud people. To the world outside Algeria, this pride remains to be seen.How can any Algerian be proud to be ruled by someone who is debilitated and incapacitated, who has not traveled outside the country to represent Algeria in years? How can any Algerian be proud to see his or her destiny placed in the hands of a ghostly regime where no one knows who governs?How can any Algerian be proud to see that his or her future depends on the fluctuation of the price of oil and gas?How can any Algerian be proud to see their government import Chinese laborers to do their work, while more than a quarter of the Algerian youth are jobless with no happy ending in sight?How can any Algerian be proud to see their regime spending billions on military equipment creating jobs in Russia, France, and China, while Algerian youth are jumping into the Mediterranean risking their lives for a better future?How can any Algerian be proud of seeing their regime pampering Polisario millionaires, while average Algerians’ future is in doubt?How can any Algerian be proud to witness their regime holding poor Saharawis hostage in the middle of the desert stealing their donated goods?How can any Algerian be proud to see their incompetent regime failing to bring any foreign investment, but get very upset anytime a foreign investor decides to invest in neighboring countries?How can Algerian be proud of a corrupt media that can only survive if they go after their closest neighbor?How can any Algerian be proud to see their regime so focused on destroying their closest neighbor when the focus should be on improving the life of the citizens of Algeria?How can any Algerian look deep down into him or herself and say, “I am proud to be ruled by the invisible military regime?”How can any Algerian look at him or herself and say, “I am Algerian I am proud”?Everything mentioned above is not fiction. The majority of Algerians know that it is the sad truth, but they hate the fact that a non-Algerian like me would dare to remind them. To them, I say, someone needs to remind you that your actions speak for themselves.You cannot be proud as long as you let yourself be ruled by a regime that has taken every ounce of dignity from you and made you believe that you should be proud, when in fact there not much you can be proud of.Algeria no longer is able to produce statesmen. Every single government official is hired based on his or her devotion to this horrible regime, which is holding all the people of the Maghreb hostage to their backward, Soviet-like mentality.The sad part is that in a country of 40 million people, there is not a single Algerian who can challenge this pest of the Maghreb. The people of Algeria are too afraid to rise up. The decade of the 1990’s is still fresh in their minds. Still, the 1990s should no longer be an eternal excuse to live in fear and without any dignity.The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Morocco World News’ editorial policy© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission

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