UN envoy condemns outbreak of violence in Libyan capital amid ongoing political

According to a press release issued by UNSMIL this afternoon, the outburst of violence in the Tripoli neighbourhood of Fashloum has already caused “many casualties and endangered the lives of civilians” with initial reports suggesting that three civilians were killed, including a young girl, since the resumption of hostilities. There have also been reports of abductions of civilians and burning of houses in the context of the fighting, UNSMIL added. In the press release, Mr. León stressed that there could be “no justification whatsoever for the clashes taking place in Tripoli, nor for the continuing armed hostilities taking place in different parts of the country,” particularly at a time when national stakeholders were gathered to reach a mediated settlement. The latest round of political talks, in fact, are currently underway in Skhirat, Morocco with parties expected to present their remarks regarding the overall framework outlined in the Draft Agreement on the Political Transition in Libya. The UN official renewed his call on all Libyan parties “to exert all possible efforts to bring an immediate end to the fighting in Tripoli and elsewhere, and to undertake all necessary measures to create a more conducive environment for the ongoing dialogue talks.” In addition, Mr. León urged those fighting to ensure that civilians and civilian objects were not targets of violence and called for all abducted civilians to be released immediately.

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