So Bono does a fairly good impression of Bill Clinton

first_img Source: YOUTUBE NEWSROOMH/T to Joe.ieWhen Clinton finally took to the stage he was a good sport about it all, saying:I must be really easy to make fun of.Bono’s comedy turn wasn’t quite the spur of the moment LOLfest he’d like us to think it was though.He’s been practicing… Source: Charlie SpieringYou’re a gas ticket, Bono.Adam Clayton got married but where was Bono?Bryan Cranston reads his most erotic fan letter ever> LOOK, BILL CLINTON, if you’re going to be late, then you have to accept that someone might take the mickey out of you.That’s exactly what Bono did when Bill was a running late for a panel discussion at the Clinton Global Initiative.Maybe Bill was off taking more selfies with Bill Gates?last_img

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