VIDEO Your weekend movies fracking and evil dead people critics rating:  52 per cent. Audience rating: 43 per centEvil Dead (CieonMovies/YouTube)For fans of: Evil, dead things, remakesAvoid if: You’re more into sweetness and lightANOTHER film heavily inspired by a cult classic, and the fourth installment of the franchise. The trailer looks horrific, but also like there is barely a semblance of a plot to be found. Fans of gorey horror will probably enjoy it despite this. Cinema trip this weekend? brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money…Love is All You Need(MadmanOnline/YouTube)For fans of: Denmark, The BridgeAvoid if: Pierce’s good looks don’t appealPierce Brosnan hops over to Italy to star in this Danish-made film about a lonely and quite angry widower and a Danish hairdresser whose husband can’t keep his hands to himself. It turns out (surprise surprise) that their own children are to marry, so the two opposites end up, you know, attracting. Promised Land(movieclipscomingsoon/YouTube)For fans of: Timely movies, conflicting issuesAvoid if: You don’t like conflictThe contemporary subject of fracking is looked at in this Gus Van Sant-directed film that stars Matt Damon, Rosemarie DeWitt, Frances McDormand and John Krasinski. What happens when fracking comes to a rural town? This film looks at the consequences. critics rating: 82 per cent Audience rating: 82 per cent critics rating: 63 per cent. Audience rating: 74 per centlast_img

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