The Belly Sauna is Well a Sauna for Your Belly

first_imgSo, after kicking off the morning with a post about the “Wrap-a-Nap,” I decided to challenge myself to see if I could find a dumber product before noon. Not surprisingly, the quest didn’t take long. I landed squarely on the Belly Sauna. It’s a sauna! For your belly!Actually, no. it’s a weird undershirt-type thing than you wear around your waist, under your clothes. Judging from the images on the site and the TV ad, it kind of looks like the wearer has a extra long pair of Hammer pants underneath his or her regular pants.The theory behind the Belly Sauna goes like this: it’s hard to lose weight around your stomach because all of that built up fat insulates that area, making it too cool to burn off fat. Wear the Belly Sauna around your waist and you’ll sweat off all of that weight in no time.Seems like bulletproof logic to us.For only $19.95 (plus $5.95 processing and handling), the secret to weight loss can be yours.last_img

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