Teenager creates a solar death ray using a satellite dish

first_imgCheck this out Archimedes. A young man by the name of Eric Jacqmain has created a solar-powered death ray that the ancient Greek inventor would have been most certainly proud of.Made from a normal fiberglass satellite dish and 5,800 tiny 3/8-inch mirrors, mounted on to a small wagon chassis, when properly aligned with the sun this rolling death device has the firepower with the brightness of over 5,000 suns. As you can see in the following video, Eric’s Solar Death Ray (also known as the R5800) makes short work of anything placed in front of it like wood, metal or even rock.Sadly, though, the R5800 met it’s demise in a wooden shed fire. However, Eric is hard at work building and even bigger solar death ray called R32000 (R32K) that should be ready later this Spring.Read more at YouTube, via SlashGearlast_img

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