This motorized tricycle goes 18 mph using just a couple of electric

first_imgYour average motorcycle can go up to 100 miles per hour. This one barely tops twenty. Your average motorcycle has two wheels. This one has three. Your average motorcycle is powered by a gasoline-gobling combustion engine packing extreme horse power. This one? It’s powered by a pair of 18-volt electric drills.I’ll wait for you to get done rubbing your eyes. Yup, I actually wrote that. Meet the EX Vehicle.AdChoices广告This concept vehicle designed by Nils Feber is composed mostly of modified bicycle parts. The acceleration is powered by two 18-volt drillswhich are capable of accelerating the EX at up to one mile per volt, or 18 miles per hour.This is hardly a practical ride. A tricycle with two wheels in the front, the EX Vehicle depends upon a light weight rider who holds himself aloft on the handle bars, such as they are, with his arms spread wide out. To make turns, the rider just tilts his body: the handles on the EX Vehicle are used only for braking and for controlling acceleration.The drills driving the EX are a couple of stolid Bosch electric drills, making this bike , like your average Beamer, a German-powered vehicle. They don’t have a lot of horsepower, though, so one thing the makers of the EX needed to skimp on was metal to cover the chassis.Instead, it’s all wire-frame skeleton, making the EX light enough that it can go at a semi-respectable speed… albeit one that, unlike your average bike, won’t scrape half of your flesh off if you go spilling off of it during a ride.According to its makers, the EX stands for “Excentric.” Leaving aside the fact that that’s not a word, we still get their point, and they’re right: this is certainly a bike only for the truly eccentric. That’s not to say it isn’t the neatest thing on three wheels we’ve seen in months, though.Read more at Nils Ferberlast_img

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