Microsoft bringing Silverlight to the Xbox 360 mobile gaming imminent

first_imgWhen Microsoft launched Windows Phone 7, the company touted its integration with Xbox Live as a flagship feature. Since then, there haven’t been that many games that bridge the gap between the Xbox console and the mobile OS, but that may all change now that Microsoft has announced plans to bring Silverlight to the Xbox 360.The company tipped the announcement for the MIX11 conference next week in Las Vegas, where they’ll make the official announcement. Bringing Silverlight support to the Xbox 360 is a clear indication that Microsoft is finally making the move to bring Windows Phone 7 game development in line with console games. Developers who currently write apps and games for Windows Phone 7 already use Silverlight to build their apps, and adding Silverlight support to the Xbox 360 will allow those same games and apps to run on the Xbox 360.AdChoices广告Microsoft’s goal is ultimately to make Silverlight its cross-device development platform, and to bring the Xbox 360 in line with its development strategy for Windows for PCs and Windows Phone 7. WinRumors reports that the move also ties in with plans for Windows 8, which previewed at CES and will run not just on desktops and laptops, but support System On a Chip (SOC) devices like tablets and netbooks as well.Microsoft recently said that the Windows Phone Developer Tools had been downloaded 1.5 million times, and pointed to the number as an indicator that developers were excited about the platform. If Microsoft has its way, bringing Silverlight to the Xbox 360 will allow mobile developers the possibility to leverage the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to market and sell their games to an already dedicated gaming community, not to mention put up some serious competition to Apple and iOS.Read more at WinRumorslast_img

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