Leaked iPhone 5 video goes handson

first_imgTake it with a grain of salt, but a new video claims to show the next iteration of the iPhone 5 side-by-side with the iPhone 4S %displayPrice% at %seller% . The video shows what has previously been rumored about the iPhone 5, including a larger display and a thinner profile.It also shows the two phones booting up at the same time and, unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5 loads up more quickly. It looks plausible enough to be a legitimate video based on the admittedly limited bits of information that have previously trickled down through various sources.Also, with the unveiling of the new phone planned for September 12, it would surprise no one that the number of hands that the iPhone 5 has touched is large enough for someone to go rogue and post a video even though he has no doubt signed a very strict non-disclosure agreements. Or it could be that someone just happened to find the gadget lying on the ground outside one of the Foxconn plants.Any sort of identifiers that would help Apple track down who took this prototype appear to have been concealed. There are pieces of tape over the back of the device so things like serial numbers are completely blocked out. In addition, once the phone boots up in the video, it displays an error message saying the phone has not been registered. That is certainly what you would expect to see if this was a phone that someone smuggled away before it was finalized for use.It is also possible, of course, that this is someone just looking for attention. But nevertheless if what has previously been reported is true, this is what the new iPhone would look like.Vgooo (Chinese), via VentureBeatlast_img

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