Mozilla is porting Firefox for Ouya

first_imgPlan on doing more with your $99 Ouya console than just playing games? You’ll have at least one full-featured browser at your beck and call in the near future, as Mozilla developers are already working on porting Firefox for Android to the diminutive big-screen entertainment system.The photo above was posted to Twitter yesterday by Mozilla’s Chris Lord, who says that it’s “kinda unusable” at the moment. That’s fine, Chris, because most of us don’t have our Ouya consoles yet anyway.Another source at Mozilla said that preliminary support for the Ouya gamepad has been added to the customized Firefox build. Right now, the focus is on making sure that performance is up to snuff. Mozilla is tuning Firefox for Ouya to optimize WebGL and Canvas — which are both vital to the future of browser-based gaming — for the console. There’s a lot of work left to be done, but at least Firefox fans can rest easy knowing that supporting the first really successful Android set-top gaming box is on Mozilla’s list of things to do.Ouya took Kickstarter by storm last year, generating nearly $9 million in funding for the startup. In late December of 2012, Ouya announced that its first batch of developer consoles were shipping out, and it’s clear that some of the systems ended up in the hands of folks who were coding applications and not just games. Now that we’ve seen Firefox up and running on the Ouya, it’ll be interesting to see what other well-known apps make the jump in the days and weeks leading up to its launch.More at Ouya Forumlast_img

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