July 16 2003 SHIPPING The ArcosantiCosanti Shi

first_imgJuly 16, 2003SHIPPING: The Arcosanti/Cosanti Shipping Department is located in the Antioch Building at Cosanti. Mail or online orders are packed and shipped to locations world wide. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi] A card describing the process of production is included in each order. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi] Cosanti Originals ceramic and bronze wind bells, cause bells, and special assemblies are available through our online store or from our catalog, as well as in the galleries of Cosanti and Arcosanti. Cosanti Originals bells are sold in museums and gift shops throughout the U.S. and the world. Royalties from bell sales constitute a significant source of funding for the construction efforts at Arcosanti. [Photo & text: Ayano Atsumi]last_img

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