October 20 2014The Cosanti Foundation Strategic P

first_imgOctober 20, 2014The Cosanti Foundation Strategic Plan Steering Committee met for the first time face-to-face at Arcosanti over the Columbus Day weekend, this past October 10,11 and 12. This, after earlier meetings in September via internet and telephone had introduced the 22 committee members—all of them alumni of previous Arcosanti workshops, now living in 8 different states and 1 foreign country—to each other.The meetings at Arcosanti were terrifically productive, with committee members digging deeply into issues both useful and fundable, beginning to outline a way to plan for adding a renewed relevance to this gift of ideas we have all inherited from the Cosanti Foundation’s and Arcosanti’s founder, Paolo Soleri.The Committee will be sharing a full Progress Report in the not-too-distant future. It has already made significant progress in developing ways to do the immediate work, having created subcommittees that are meeting at-a-distance frequently to deal with the Committee’s Charter, its Scope of Work, the Planning Process itself, Communications and Funding issues for the work ahead.You are reading this now because we welcome your future support in this lengthy planning endeavor, through joining working groups that have yet to be defined, contributing to fundraising efforts, and helping meet other needs which will begin to be identified as the planning process continues. As the Cosanti Foundation Strategic Plan Steering Committee develops its work over the coming months, we look forward to its next in-person meeting at Arcosanti scheduled for February of 2015.The Cosanti Foundation Strategic Plan Steering Committeelast_img

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