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first_imgFFWPU Europe, Vienna, Austria: Sermon by Special Emissary No-hee Pak at the Vienna church, on June 28, 2015 Beloved brothers and sisters, Good morning. How have you been? I am so glad to see all of you again after being away for a while. And I feel so comfortable and happy to be back in Vienna.Congratulations for the State RecognitionFirst of all, I would like to congratulate you that Austrian Unification Church received the state recognition as a ‘Religious Confessional Community’ after 40 years suffering. It is an incredible victory in Austria and also for whole Europe. Some leaders said that this state recognition of our church in Austria would be a greater victory than the True Father’s liberation from the Schengen Agreement that had persecuted True Parents for so long time in Europe. This is because this state recognition is not only restricted to the sole nation of Austria, rather, it will serve as a trigger by which our church can be officially recognized in many other European countries.I think it looks like a special gift which True Mother brought to Austria and Europe in this time. Thank you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents.Now the way has been opened for our church in Austria, which for forty years has been stigmatized as being nothing but a ‘sect’. Now we were freed from this slander and we can contribute towards the society as an officially recognized religious organization. Let us encourage ourselves with a big round of applause! Europe is the hub of world history centered on ChristianityTrue Mother emphasized that Europe was the hub of world history centered on Christianity and the history of Europe has ultimately been the providential history to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. So she enlightened us once again that it is the mission of the European members to reveal the solemn truth, and to testify the manifestation of our ‘True Parents, the Messiah of the Second Advent’.She declared that we have to make the new Cultural Revolution that can counter the Christian cultural realm. And she encouraged us to become the beacons that can lead this Cultural Revolution.Beloved brothers and sisters!This time I was especially moved True Mother praised Rev. Paul Werner and Rev. Peter Koch as the vanguard in pioneering Europe. Even though they have already passed away, she comforted them with loving words through their bereaved families. The love expressed by True Mother, the consideration  she has shown us and the embrace she bestowed upon each of us, has moved many to tears.She also said “we should be proud of Mission Butterfly missionaries and the early members who were put in the jail and even walked the path of martyrs.” Her heartfelt words made us feel nothing but grateful. Many American leaders congratulated us to the success of the European CelebrationDuring our stay in the United States, we received warm congratulations from many American leaders and members on the success of True Mother’s European Tour. They knew already how wonderful and successful the European 50 years Mission Celebration with True Mother was. We were so happy to hear that.Thank you very much to each one of you to make the European historical event so successful.True Mother, after her tour in Europe, has arrived in New York, and during the Hoondok meeting next day she praised the success of European events, saying that she was very much impressed by the ‘Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of Mission in Europe’ and she was especially so grateful for sacrifices and devotions shown by the elder European blessed families during the last fifty years.At the same time, she said that she saw much hope in the European second generation. And she expressed her pleasure at having been able to bestow her love upon the European members with much delight. Truly she gave everything to us. True Mother’s concern regarding the European Movement in the pastI am sure you have heard that, at one time, True Mother was deeply worried about Europe, and showed her concern with the question, “What is Europe doing now?”However, when she decided to visit Europe this time, she was full of love, since she became to understand your absolute faith, your undaunted pioneering spirit and sacrifices of for so many years.At the main ceremony True Mother’s very first words were, “I came to Europe today with a fluttering heart to meet my own sons and daughters after sending them off 50 years ago.” Her words meant that she had not come as a commander to give order to her troops fighting at the forefront of the battlefield… Rather, she had come with the heart and love of a mother who was visiting the homes of her beloved sons and daughters.Moreover, confirming the fifty-year-long history of European mission work has taken root, she has urged Unification Movement in Europe to begin a new start for the next fifty years to come. What are the points that True Mother gave in her messages to us?Dear brothers and sisters, what do you think are the messages that True Mother has given to us on her visit to Europe this time?First, I think that she has brought the fifty-year-long history of mission work in Europe to a successful conclusion, and has liberated us so that we can now embark for a new future with bright hope.I think that True Mother as the Holy Spirit appeased our hearts filled with bitter sorrow in the difficult pioneering path. Many European elder members have paved the providential way through their sacrifices and devotions in their whole lives. True Mother harvested all their achievements and stored them in Heaven for their eternal life.Of course, she could not have been able to appease each and every one of us in person. But I am sure, because the heart of True Mother was filled with such a love, Heavenly Parent recognized it as such and accepted all of their achievements as belonging to Heaven.That was why as soon as we met True Mother and heard her voice, our eyes were filled with tears and our hearts were warmed with fire by the grace of Holy Spirit.Second, True Mother emphasized that Europe, centered on the Christian culture, has been the very scene of the history of the Providence of Restoration led by Heavenly Parent. She clarified the position and mission of the European members, indicating to us that Europe has to become the starting point of the new Cultural Revolution.When we look at the actual situation of today’s Europe, Christianity, which was the central position of the Providence has failed its mission and has deteriorated. True Mother confirmed our position once again that Unification Movement needs to become the center of the cultural revolution that can seek out the right direction to follow.The Ideal of Creation of our Heavenly Parent in creating Adam and Eve was the ideal family of true love. Since this ideal is being broken down even here in Europe, True Mother has reminded us that we, blessed families need to stake our lives on fulfilling the mission to uphold these eternal value.As already you know, a few days ago True Mother changed the European Regional President from Rev. An to Rev. Jack Corley. I think True Mother wants to make new Europe under the leadership of European Leaders. It will be great blessing but also heavy responsibility to achieve to match with True Mother’s expectation.Third, she has strongly hinted that now is the turning point where we should bring the fifty-year-long history of our Unification Movement to a conclusion, on the basis of which we can pioneer a new era with our second generations working at the forefront. In other words, it signifies the conversion from the age of wandering in the wilderness under Moses to the age of settling down in Canaan under Joshua and Caleb. History tells us that after Joshua and Caleb entered the land of Canaan and settled down there, but their descendent failed to uphold their original value as the chosen people and instead worshipped Baal.Therefore, True Mother spoke encouragingly to us, hoping that we will not go the same way as them and that we will instead uphold the eternal value of the Divine Principle and fulfill the mission of expanding ourselves into the ‘Cultural Realm of the Cheon Il Guk Community of Heart’ in this world.Now the time has come for our European leaders to begin in earnest the work of nurturing our future leaders and converting them to become the leaders of the next generation.Here is one good example. Last 26th of June True Mother appointed Matthew Huish, a 2nd generation church leader of UK as the National Leader of UK after Rev. Jack Corley appointed to new Continental Director.Fourth, Europe is an exemplary continent where the blessed families and elder members have shown their unyielding ‘pioneering spirit’ by the call of the Providence and the commands given by True Father”. Until now, Europe has produced innumerable men and women leaders who have walked in the world the path of pioneers in according to the Will of True Parents. Of course many of whom have had to make inevitably sacrifices along the way.It is my opinion that True Mother wished to highly praise this pioneering spirit of our European members on this visit, and encouraged all European members to practice its role again.But now it is not necessary to go abroad, instead, you, as tribal messiahs, need to let down the roots of the Home Church movement in your hometowns or in your current neighborhoods and anywhere in your environment realm.By doing so, we have to work out a new strategy by which the Unification Movement in Europe can continue the ‘sustainable development’ to make our communities prosper. ConclusionMy beloved Viennese members! I believe that, through True Mother’s visit this time, we were blessed and liberated by True Mother, and True Mother in turn was much comforted to see the absolute faith of the European members. I hope that, through this synergic action of giving and receiving blessings and comforts, Europe can once again write a victorious history under the guidance of True Mother.Last 23rd of June, one day before our departure to Europe, True Mother asked us to come to Chun Jung Gung. We had very good private meeting with True Mother for a while. At that time she especially explained to us her idea to make personnel change in Europe suddenly this time. And she asked us as Special Emissaries to work closely with new Continental Director and all European leaders to change the spirit of European members and to make Europe move forward.She said that “European blessed families and members had celebrated 50 years anniversary with me. As True Parents have recognized European 50 years history as a successful one, from now on European members have to create another 50 years victorious history”.Through this opportunity I convey to you our beloved True Mother’s desire and hope to European leaders members. My dear brothers and sisters in Vienna Church! I hope you, members of Vienna church lead this victory at the forefront in Europe.Thank you. True Mother was very much impressed by European 2nd generationsBeloved brothers and sisters, this time True Mother was also deeply impressed by the beauty and heart of our second generations. I have been told that, even after she went back to the United States, she spoke on several occasions about the European second generations with pride.Until now, our second generations have not had much opportunity to meet True Parents in person, and so they may have lived their lives with the idea that True Parents are their physical parents’ True Parents and had nothing to do with them. However, True Mother conversing with those second generations without reserve this time, I came to believe that the second generations who were able to meet eye to eye with True Mother and receive her words and love directly would realize,“Oh, she is none other than our True Parents. True Mother loves us, second generations, and has expectations of us.”The second generations who participated in the Cranes Club meeting were truly beautiful to behold, and we were really proud of them. Do you agree with me? Please give a big applause to them. Las Vegas TourAfter the ‘Celebration of 50 years Mission in Europe and Dr. Sun Jin Moon’s Tour’ were over, we were called by True Mother to go to Las Vegas.The Las Vegas events were titled the ‘Special Memorial Service of True Father on the 1000th day of His Seunghwa’ and the ‘Dedication Ceremony of the ‘International Peace Education Center’.This International Peace Education Center was initially planned by True Father while he was still on earth, but due to True Father’s Seungwha this project could have been canceled. However, True Mother took over True Father’s work and strongly encouraged us to complete the construction. Finally we could dedicate this Education Center to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents this time. It was True Father’s dream that this facilities could serve as an education center to change Las Vegas – from the “Sin City” to the “Sun City”. Another victory of True Mother at Vienna UN centerAnother special victory won by True Mother in Europe this time was the historic event of her giving a speech on stage at the UN center in Vienna.She showed that she had inherited True Father’s providence through UN, and declared by herself, “The movement of serving God needs to be carried out in the UN. If humanity serves God as our Parent, there cannot be any conflicts between nations, races and religions. Humanity needs to walk the path by which they can become the children of the eternal Heavenly Parent and live forevermore in their originally created forms.”Thus, she presented the direction that ultimately the UN needs to follow is to build a world of peace. I believe that this is a declaration that can only be made by True Parents. True Mother brought the Little Angels to Europe with a loving heartAnother thing I cannot forget about True Mother’s European tour is that she brought the Little Angels with her this time. No one had suggested it to her. She had solely decided to bring them to Europe to show her appreciation of the European members and to boast of the Fatherland of God, the nation of Korea, to the world.The Little Angels also set a record that will go down in the history of their performances here in Vienna and also in Frankfurt. In other words, they gave a performances on the biggest stage and before the largest audience ever had. In addition, in London, they gave the most beautiful and flawless performance that I have ever seen. Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude to True Mother once again.last_img

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