The spider and the user advanced user and super user


believe that we face spider is not strange, general senior commissioner of Shanghai Longfeng more familiar to the user, because we all do everything for them, but how many Shanghai Longfeng scholars understand them, want to know them? I don’t believe that, because the Shanghai dragon industry are more focused on the immediate the real interest, Shanghai dragon meaning to misunderstand, sure someone will say me, so what love is not stupid, Shanghai people, afraid of love what love Shanghai, Shanghai although not accurate to 100%, but we do have to go out of the way, because it is long, not much nonsense today, Lin Jianhui talk about spiders and users love what kind of website.

why do you say that, most scholars Shanghai dragon will certainly feel that the spider love is good, included is good, it will enhance the website ranking, tell you in the inaugural Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui, even if your site ranked first, you’re ranked second, third, compared to fourth, as long as you are content with the other the content ratio, allowing users to feel they are good, your traffic is not long, not fixed, row >

3: control website advertising and invalid connection

Shanghai dragon two is the most important key point, a search engine spiders, the other is a user. Can be said that the optimization of all Shanghai dragon should focus on these two key points, because the site to have good rankings will have to increase the site included, and all included must pass search engine. While the user is the site of Shanghai dragon the ultimate purpose of conversion is the site of user interests, so the site should be how to do the two key points of the work of

4: spider = user, the user is equal to the advanced users of

1: Web content

website to be practical, do not blindly pursue good-looking and ignore practical. The site within the code is simpler, which is conducive to the spider crawling and grab, optimize the content hierarchy. There is a relatively large site to site navigation map design, the user browsing experience.

the content of the web site to do is clear, the article must be original, readability allows users to obtain useful information on the website, especially for the purpose of user. The best is the site of latest product information, coupled with the search engine spiders are interested in the original fresh content included is relatively high, with good quality web content will be ranked up, users will be interested in the website.


2: website internal structure clear

user browsing the website to pop-up ads very disgusted, so if you want to do is to control the number of Shanghai dragon, pop-up advertising. The website also needs to remove dead links and invalid connections, these connections are useless too much will affect the spider grab information, a large number of words will cause site is down right.

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