Through the analysis of the demand of the web site keywords ranking


what is the demand analysis of

then, let us look at, in the process of the analysis of user needs, in addition to web page layout, we also need to consider what. Through the earlier example, we should have to understand that we need to consider how the user needs are sorted according to the important degree >

car home car network name, or the user in the search and car related keywords, the site is always in the first row. It seems that this seems to be an easy job to do, but it is not. As we all know, a search for a keyword in the search engine’s search box, search will search the drop-down box, the bottom will usually show the relevant search words, will also train the search results: vehicle parameters, car pictures, quotes, discussion, video (Post Bar). The display in the drop-down box related search terms, is the user’s needs.

user experience is in the process of website construction, the design of each page, prior to the user’s needs analysis, in the premise of search engine friendly, allowing users to find the content in the web at the first time. This page is the user experience of web page.

demand analysis, simply put, is to reverse the analysis of user needs, and to reflect on the web page. We may have a doubt, how do we know what users need things? Through the search engine to obtain the data of user needs, and then carries on the analysis. The car home site as an example.

many enterprises pursue the keyword ranking in the process of website construction, and promote the keywords ranking, in addition to the site itself should have the marketing force also understand the needs of users. Many people say that the user needs to produce user experience. Therefore, the user experience in a lot of friends of Shanghai dragon eyes is high quality articles, of course, the high quality articles are of great help to the website of Shanghai dragon, but this is only part of the user experience, the other part is what? Demand analysis website keywords ranking and decide where to start? Today, and win. Look up.

car home advantage, they will these information are reflected in the page, and the drop-down box shows the search information on sort, coupled with its high quality content and the chain, then the first row in the search results, be not at all surprising nature.

on the user demand and analysis, please look at an interesting cartoon:

what is the user experience?

well, first of all, let us first look at what is the user experience and demand analysis.

read the comics, we should find out the problem in fact can be understood as the demand analysis and the user experience is what, then according to the analysis of the demand to design the site layout, and then get a good ranking through the website to the website to make reasonable layout. In fact, the layout of the site, is a reasonable layout of key words.

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