The unreasonable structure of the website will become your website ranking killer

enterprise station made, before the company’s website also made such a mistake, please see below:

company is specialized in the production and sale of sprinkler, tank truck, garbage truck, truck cranes, liquefied gas tankers, chemical vehicles and other types of special vehicle,




you want to make your site more competitive? Change the above error >

A network company

from the search engine to consider, you know that your website weight is the highest place in where? Maybe you didn’t realize it, but this with you revealed a secret: the highest weight is your site navigation website. The weight of your site is in accordance with the descending order from left to right and from top to bottom. Like that enterprise station navigation, obviously is a waste of resources, such as search engines determine simulation user needs. So why don’t we use our navigation, directly put products in our navigation? Here is the website structure of the company now, directly to the main types of our company in the navigation, so users to our company website product is not very clear? This will not only meet the special purchase the car user needs, but also meet the principle of search engine weight.

also has a mishap is the enterprise station navigation station, many companies love navigation with total station, please see below:

as shown above, the user to the page you are related to the sprinkler data, show you some garbage truck, tank truck, high-altitude vehicles etc. this kind of information is of no value to users in your site navigation on the side, it is spam. Even more frightening is that you do lead to too much of your website template text, improve the site’s similarity, this is a big reason your website.

first you have to understand, what is the main purpose of the station you do a business? The user enters your website at first glance, most want to see what? Is your business! Users don’t see your product, you can allow users to see your company, your Car Buying process, you think of the user useful? So that you do not meet users.

station please help production, due to the staff at the Shanghai Longfeng the company did not hire a professional, so as to realize the harm the navigation. I believe in this navigation mode of site 90% enterprise station, perhaps many people haven’t realized that this is wrong, even think: do I show business atmosphere, more powerful. Is it really?

site structure has been easy to overlook the problem, in order to enterprise station as an example to elaborate for everyone.

First of all we talk about is a common problem in

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