How to reduce the impact on the website optimization Website

website page will be the current location, forms such as "home > > > > > > website optimization;; the content page," optimization of experienced people will be arranged within the chain here, such as "home" to form words, such as "Wuhan website optimization company first page > > > > > > website optimization;; the content page," so you may feel a little problem, but the search engine that has great influence. As a mature web site in large quantity, so after the change is equal to each of the inside pages were changed. So if you need to change, can take the manual step by step. Of course, if the web page is not less than 50, there is no need to "step by step.

three, "the current location text changes

two, careful handling of the tag in the page

The change of

from the Wuhan public network > fubow

four station by the dynamic change for static

, in order not to affect the user access, can not directly modify online web file

is a web site in the search engine in the long term can get good rankings, is the webmaster long-term website optimization results. May your website design is very good, but the good website can not always does not change, some website in order to enhance the user experience, some are to be more friendly to search engines. Optimization of teacher experience will know the site of large area revision will be search engine drop right, light lower ranking, while K or pull hair. Next Wuhan Fubao network company summed up in the website optimization work experience, to help you in the website and how to reduce the impact on the website optimization effect in the process of.

dynamic form for the user does not what, but the search engine more friendly, in order to strive for excellence, strive to be the webmaster into static dynamic. If a direct dynamichomepage delete all into a static, will inevitably lead to fall right, the amount collected will drop. The correct method is also made of two kinds of pages coexist, then do a 301 redirect, waiting for the search engine will be included into the page and then delete all static dynamic web page.

website optimization is often used to H1, H2, alt, title, strong and other markers, these markers are more sensitive in the web search engine, the revision is likely to involve a change in the number of these markers, if these sensitive title on a page changes too much, may be considered as cheating, are likely to be down right. You can take steps to increase measures.

Although the

process is a website can be changed if successful, "to modify the error and the user is to change the page access error will appear, affect the user experience of the website, if the search engine is also trying to access the web page, will also have adverse impact on the website weight. The correct approach is to modify "copy, modify the copy, to be modified after confirmation of replacement of official documents.

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