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for medical sites through a page of your site will take the patient to the hospital to you, is a very difficult thing, trust demand more of the user experience and website, this is no way to do, though, do medical station will have some kengmeng users too, but not all sites are like this, there are a lot of medical level is really very good, is again good, if no one knows what is in vain, therefore, for those of us overseas Chinese medical webmaster, is trying to sell their own websites and in the promotion of hospital, hospital at the same time, therapy and effect also follow out the. So, whether the user will believe when entering your site? If the effect is good, but the patient did not believe that is no way to do so, the following A5 Shanghai dragon group diagnosis and optimization and we talk about how to improve the medical website

we all know what the contents of that website, especially for the medical station, the content is the theme, many in the medical station every day is updated more than 20 articles, although the content of the original is false, but every day that the update for a medical station, still very impressive figures Shanghai dragon group (A5 diagnosis and optimization (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝/)) and to say we want to bring those simple pseudo original patient, let users believe that it is difficult, therefore, we can with some cases cured in some articles, details about the disease can be cured that is through what method of treatment, illness and so on? This time the patients to see at least have a reference, or have the number of heart, their condition which process Can be cured. This than a simple introduction to some relevant knowledge or therapy is much better, more reliable, and the content must not be too exaggerated, to seek truth from facts

this is a good way to interact with the user, website content, effect and other aspects of the problem may be out of feedback from here, although you have a lot of articles in the website are on some of the problems are introduced, but you know the content of the website is to show recently. See long ago or the initial content that do not know how many pages to turn back to get the A5, therefore, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team recommends that all medical websites offer an expert Q & a section, so that the user can always consult what questions, after entering the site you must of course, have a professional doctor online to answer it, and these solutions can form through the text content on the site, may be asked users to ask questions is not fixed, so You can save a lot of repeated problems, of course, you will say, each medical website has online customer service to the user, but this feeling is not the same, it seems that just in the user >


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