Shanghai dragon and website content update.

finally, search engines also tend to put fresh things in the front row, according to this trend, considering the page content quality and keyword density, even without a lot of links also get good rankings. But this ranking don’t keep. Over a period of time is going down. We want to maintain the way is to. In this paper, A5 only released, if reproduced please specify: wufangzhai (贵族宝贝

regularly updated website, update the number of more frequent, search engine spiders will more frequently patronize. This also means that the site updated a few days or a few hours can be in the engine, without a few weeks or longer, continuously updated content is the basic condition for the survival and development of the website, the website is fundamental. As the saying goes, the search engine is provided so that people can have value to search valuable and up-to-date information. To be a good website ranking, we must go to maintenance, also is to update the website information.

is not your web site or search engine, can not be too much for a long time not update the site to give attention. This kind of abandoned dead station. Or a dead stop is just a problem, updated represents the website activity. The same is website content update frequency is higher. It often means. Website content is more rich, these are very important for the establishment of the authority at the same site in the. However, for most sites, web site operators and energy is limited. May not have a lot of time to update, then from the point of view of Shanghai dragon, keep update frequency of how to ensure the website optimization effect, or in other similar conditions or conditions, in order to achieve the update will not affect the target of Shanghai dragon less. In fact, many of them are not the actual content to update the website, but some similar "click ranking", "recommended reading" the website updated. The site is actually to update and update. It looks very clever, in fact, the effect is very limited. Because of this content or the content.

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information is fresh, unique, rich content of the site, no matter what type of website content by visitors welcome. Have a stronger attraction. Of course, as web site operators, must clear their target groups. Improve the viscosity and credibility of their website content to visitors, in order to achieve business value.


for search engines, updated weekly and updated every day, the difference is not imagined so much, but this is the search engine, and the weekly update is already the lowest limit, but if the user is concerned, the frequency of updates is low. They visit the natural frequency will be reduced. On this site you will not even interested. So from the perspective of site visitors. It is also important to update the website. This is more important than to please the search engine update to update.

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