Shanghai dragon Nirvana rebirth! You in the selection of the industry also in the selection of you

site is K when there is surprise, but also frustration, but more is indifferent. Often in the river walk, which have not wet shoes, Shanghai dragon do more, who don’t have K station ah, anyway, never cheat, nature will not be sentenced to death". With this in mind, I made a careful analysis of the site, and found that the chain fell more than 1000, estimated the biggest problem here. Indeed, soon after LEE in the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform released outside the chain of the new regulations, the other told me not what relationship, but the forum signature is counted as "cheating" links ", I shot".

The Since

seems to be small since it since I often see that the predecessors of Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult. May I join late, so did not feel too much what changes in daily work two, update the station, outside the chain. Has been diligently doing these I never thought tools or black hat to do optimization, but I still stand by K. Who is to blame? Love Shanghai?? Shanghai dragon? In fact, who do not need to blame, all right.


know that the "rules of the game", also want to deal with is much simpler, the first time I removed all the BBS signature, then update the original article, about a month after the recovery of ranking.


has recently been busy doing promotional work, has been a long time did not write the article in Shanghai dragon. K is from 4.19 to 5 months late, site restoration has been so smooth entry I is also experienced some twists and turns, of course, also accompanied by natural growth and harvest.

because I long removed from Chinaz, A5 and other well-known webmaster forums, posting replies will be included as signature links, the chain is also a lot of natural. The chain also believe that the vast majority of Shanghai dragon ER they did not sign the forum for this one. I like in the "real Shanghai dragon should do" mentioned in the text, we may have to optimize the role of the forum signature is more and more small, but after all, or a chain, by doing what is not a disadvantage, but once they become "cheating link", that each of these functions very little of the signature links together, became a rout "qianlizhidi" nest "".

Shanghai dragon But since

LEE announced the new rules of the chain, the forum signature has been considered cheating in the chain, each big forum, information station is overwhelming "there is no need to do outside the chain, the chain is dead, the chain for the emperor of the era of the past" like the article, what is more complete Shanghai denied that Shanghai dragon dragon, has no need to do. The A5 forum is because of the abolition of the signature function and the loss of many users, it seems to Shanghai dragon forum signature lost the role of the Shanghai dragon is no way, I would like to ask you to God. "


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