On April 25th love Shanghai turmoil of love Shanghai algorithm

today is April 26th, for yesterday afternoon (April 25th) love Shanghai "turmoil" I think everyone should experience, is also very strong, most believe that two hours is the webmaster tools used by the SITE command for most of the time, because when we heard that the "love Shanghai crazy", all included a sharp decline, even many owners reflect the site directly pulled the hair, so we go to check, how to check, is a webmaster tools, another is to use the SITE command, so that yesterday’s webmaster tools and the SITE command should be used at the station, whether you believe it or not, you sure to verify it, then you can have your own ideas, well, today I have to talk about yesterday (April 25) love Shanghai "unrest"…… ..

yesterday afternoon at about three I use Adsense tools inquires the site when it is normal, but when the five o’clock, I heard the webmaster group everyone in the discussion of this matter, that is love Shanghai crazy, once included Kuangxiang several times, directly back to the liberation; I did not what is the letter or not, just go to check, then use the webmaster tools query, the query result is indeed the Deng Zhongsheng be startled at, such as the blog, originally included more than 600, is more than 600 before three, 73 point in 5 to become, this change is very big I have! It’s hard to believe, but then had to believe that the data is such, do show that many sites are plucked by K, a left, it is too horrible to look at……

unrest in 6 about the slowly close to the end, around 6 pm included gradually recovered slowly, almost back to normal. The upheaval time does not appear for a long time, only one or two hours, about 6 to slowly began to recover, some sites had completed the recovery. So this is the so-called "crazy love Shanghai" is Shanghai BUG love it, but this time there is a little big, this decline included too much. This is not to say, because the love of Shanghai company is a company, any technology can ensure that no problem, I think what is the specific reason for this, these days should be authority level guies.

so we look at those bosses is what happens then, take A5 for example; A5 is the webmaster of the head, the weight of natural needless to say, otherwise it will not attract hundreds of thousands of owners in the post, there will be no more people every day to learning in text A5, visible A5 weight can not be questioned, and many the contents are of high quality, so if you love Shanghai to eliminate some bad pages, it should not be such a big action. What action much yesterday about 5:30 in the afternoon when I query the A5 collection, only 170 thousand, but looking ahead one day, included is about 1200000, so, directly as little as 1 million and is just one or two hours or less two million. This is not too scary? Simply incredible!

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