Website optimization is the key to do the details

site optimization do again good, if there is no content that is all in vain, the article try to original, was not original, the original artifacts, but different pseudo original articles to thirty percent of the original article, so the search engine can be included in the article.

Fifth, the content of the website

external links do not bulk software, black links, these methods are detrimental to the site optimization, should take the white hat method, reasonable to post links, the chain should be the law, not suddenly more and less. In addition to the chain.

site layout structure is the main structure, website website prototype, first make the main planning, design model in the website before. The main design method for div+css, because it can greatly reduce the unnecessary code page, which achieve the purpose of codeoptimization, increase page open speed, no matter to the search engine or the users are very friendly.

First, the site layout structure of

fourth, the site of the internal links

internal site do not appear dead links, this prevents the search engine crawl, is very friendly to the search engine. In addition, good station links to all of the articles are in series, such as: "a page" and "next page", the key word anchor text connected to the corresponding column or article.

Why did

say pure static page design? This is to distinguish and pseudo static design, although pseudo static also can achieve the purpose of search engine to please, but if your web traffic is very large, will directly lead to the website open speed is very slow, because the pseudo static server bandwidth is accounted for. In addition, if you use the dynamic page design, try to shorten the dynamic address parameters, the address is too long to search engines.

many grassroots webmaster has been complaining about his site keywords ranking couldn’t get on, every day update website content, and it is the original content, the chain every day to do much, why there was a key word in action. In fact, in the website optimization content and the chain is the main body, but the details do not do well it is to no avail! In order to let everybody know the reason, I give you a detailed next.

keyword title, if you understand the key word that is best, the reasonable arrangement of words, will not bear the website name, company name, product name in the title of the first position, because the search engine grab key principle is from front to back, and the first position should be the primary key, name, company name, website name of commodity basically is the one and only, as long as the site is love Shanghai included the ranking will naturally in the front row. Don’t use the keyword description and replace, should write some illustrative words on your website, then a reasonable penetration in the primary key.

third, title, keywords, description

Try to use the

second, pure static page design

sixth, external links

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