Website promotion weight must pay attention to matters

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increase website weight is every webmaster for the night dream, many webmaster efforts, but is always not to see what effect, also became more and more confused, I do not know how to do, personally feel that as long as the main points to improve the weight is just a matter of time, below by line analysis.

visits also affect the ranking

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first webmaster don’t too value the price, that is the Internet does have a lot of The loss outweighs the gain., something attractive, such as virtual host price a year or even tens of dollars or IP, that is really funny, but many webmaster to cheaper, or willing to go on when to buy after the discovery, the website such as slow the snail, is often not open, no one can call, finally online everywhere scold, the others will only be laughing as the fool, what kind of price to get what kind of products and services, it is not a good thing as unalterable principles, what complain.

, can be appropriate for some use, as long as the reproduced content to help users, as long as it does not reach the point of flooding, is not the right to be reduced, the search is understandable, does not require each article must be original, if it is really someone to write an original Xi’an is the capital city of Hebei this article in the joke.

more and more attention in the era of the user experience, the site opened faster, retain users will have more opportunities, if a website open slow, users may be what color is your website did not see the shutdown windows leave, the search is, if every time the spider to your site, you the sites are open, for a long time, come at all, let alone to get good rankings, to their website to choose a good host is not less than, then how to choose a good web hosting


if your website ranking is up, but the site itself does not flow, ranking is also difficult to steady, for the sake of users, the search is not possible to put a no hits no site in the front row, which is why Sina, Sohu and other portals almost do optimization rankings are front why, if your site every day millions of users access to it, I believe you can not do what optimization naturally go up, therefore, when we do the optimization at the same time, we should also strengthen the other way to promote their own websites and help their website ranking.

In order to enrich the content of the website

website host

found a lot of people have such an idea, the original good, yes, but there is a premise that is not contrary to the truth, it is a good useful to the user of the original, such as writing a report on Xi’an is the capital city of Hebei this article is absolutely original? But this is contrary to some common sense. Not only to pay attention to the website search, will only be a discarded waste site.

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