Watch less web site problems from your website

2, website structure. Good website structure, is to ensure that the spider can smooth your site at all, if you can not provide a good channel for spider, spider can’t take away your page content. In the structure, different types of websites and websites of different sizes need to be treated differently, if you stop doing business, the website main commodity is not much, can be made into a flat structure, the level is not deep, and can ensure the spider crawling smoothly to each page; if you do shopping, navigation etc. the type of website, to make the tree structure, because the flat structure can not meet your needs, but the spider crawling very hard, although the tree level is deep, but can better let the spider crawling to each page you, as long as you do a good and reasonable weight distribution, can let the spider crawling precision.

, the 1 page similarity is too high. This is the result of the website included quantity does not rise, the main reason, Genti is also a lot of website is not up. I think, why the forum generally included a higher number? Why there are a lot of B2C electricity supplier website included will problems? This is because the forum websites, their page similarity is not high, the main content of the page. The electricity supplier website, similarity of their products page will be higher, especially the same types of products, even more so. So to solve is not up, the first thing is to solve their own web page similarity problem.

site included less, often expressed as: no matter how much you do outside the chain, not always included; may be due to a renewal of love in Shanghai, included will suddenly rise some, but will slowly drop down; even if there are a lot of pages was collected every day, but the total number is not included growth. In fact, the emergence of these cases, it is obvious that the problems in the inside of your website. So even if the chain of you every day, even if you hard every day to update the article, included has not solved the problem, because your site has congenital deficiency.

3, the space is not stable. The stability is a prerequisite for good website, if you return to the server often abnormal, > 404

website said, when we do new, best to develop the habit of drawing painting structure, can make you see the site structure is very clear, there is no cross, is not too deep.


site included the number does not rise, there are three main reasons:

is to do each page not too similar, is also very simple, the key is the description of the content to have the difference, to ensure that the contents of the body than in the code template, the contents of style. Here is not recommended to head content, page navigation, do too complex, have seen a lot of small health websites, is stunned to learn 39, their dual navigation navigation, do super complex, but few of their own content, which can easily lead to their high similarity of web page.


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