Keywords modified don’t fool the search engine

and then analyzed the other data, there are obvious decline in the state, after less than a month’s time, the forum change so big, which is in order to explore the possible influence factors of the website traffic, with a puzzled with the netizen feel again in-depth exchanges, excluding the factors inside the forum after the release of the article and the chain, found that the most influential factors: the forum keywords modification, forum upgrade program.

I have

like many webmaster, a start is not accurate on site location, site keywords found later led to the unreasonable distribution, but also must be modified so decisively changed the words, but the results for a period of time after modification, change site ranking and traffic, even if the latter through hard work, but not a period of time early change loss. The following data analysis for everyone. Fortunately, I have been the author of the study feel users site in the picture library to find the data flow diagram are ranked at the time, was analyzed. I find friends FOB keyword ranking and traffic before modifying the screenshot shown below



(our default index of 300 ranked first, from love Shanghai traffic is only about 150 (just), FOB and FOB from the original second to fifth ranked sixth, traffic is certainly reduced, and the flow is reduced, the weight index must be reduced, because the weight of index is not in accordance with the number of words but according to the flow calculation of the size of the shift) even record key number has increased significantly, but traffic is still the reason for the decline. Then I looked at the open users of statistical tools, and was out of the ranking keywords chianz test flow data brings much.

from the two screenshot above we can see that this site keywords have emerged decline, led directly to Shanghai before 4 by weight of love has been reduced to 3, the number of visitors from 1866 reduced to 541, in front of the visible netizen feel said Shanghai love flow reduced generally not blame. Someone will ask, why before 29 records changed 42 record number, but obtained from Shanghai love flow reduced? This question is very simple, mainly because the main keywords before the great love Shanghai index ranking drop, love Shanghai index a few long tail key words up and 13 records extra is not ranked to the first

ranking and traffic data is

but from his own experience, the forum upgrade for the site of the impact will not be great, because it is the only discuz program to upgrade from Discuz x2.0 to x2.5, this upgrade is great influence for the influence of the website will not, so the final judgment or forum is in keywords >

But after the amendment of

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