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search engine algorithm is too complex, we exclude the technical question which does not talk, I only express a "principle" my own views here! "The principle of" the view is likely to become the future China most mature search engine algorithm. I illustrate my point with six words: preferred, low level, bad penalty. What is the best? This is very simple, select high-quality sites to give good rankings, the most popular search engines do, so a good understanding! And the focus is on low level, what is a? Whether law-abiding website or good enough network station, domestic search engine once found cheating the site will be punished. But do not have a low level of strategy, the so-called flat is found in the search engine site is cheating, not to punish, but the greatest degree of the favorable content of the station is displayed to the user, to maintain the existing state of a role for cheating punishment but do not give feedback. For example, you buy the black chain, love found in Shanghai after the K of your entire station. The noble baby also found you cheat, but Google did not take any measures, your natural ranking is still good, you still do not black chain keywords ranking. Now Google is equivalent to give you a feedback, tell you: buy black chain is no effect! To tell you at the same time, but also to ensure that your website user maximum value.

search engine algorithm

love Shanghai approach is to pick a watermelon seed lost, this is different and a baby, baby can accept any noble is the value of the site. But even so, any search engine will not exist without the value of laissez faire garbage station. When a website is not only help to users, but also to deceive users, which will search engine hit, this is what I said and my bad penalty! Shit, and believe in the love of Shanghai algorithm engineer to understand, is also trying to do so. But the technical difficulties of the search engine algorithm is love Shanghai and Google have a real reason not different! We don’t want to do, is really so bad! You understand

(farmers) crops that rely on day to eat, and now the Internet website of migrant workers relies on the "search engine". I say this word, the search engine is Lao Tzu day laugh…… Of course, this is just a joke, do the comparative importance I just want to prove that the search engine. Because the search engine of the countless stationmaster every act and every move, the relationship between safety, this is absolutely not an exaggeration to say! So we urgently need a what kind of search engine to solve this problem? And a sophisticated search engine should have what performance?


ranking, ranking often fluctuated! Today ranked first, tomorrow will be K. The cause of this problem is the root cause of the love of Shanghai is black and white.

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