Based on the user and search engine positioning site Title value

search search for a keyword, he (she) is very interested in the keyword related content, or are looking for relevant information. Related keywords may be very many, how can we know that the search is what needs? We need analysis of experience accumulated to a certain extent and try to figure out the psychological search, but this is not enough, we need the help of some relatively authoritative tools, such as search engine drop-down box here I share! A little skill, when we in the search box enter a keyword, appear in the drop-down box more or less long tail keywords are of interest to the user, the heat is generally down from decreasing. So we can find the real needs of the search keywords



what kind of site Title is not conducive to the overall ranking of the site? The key here, that is Title keywords rejection principle, the author here with you about it! We know from the above keywords into the overall ranking of progressive can contribute to the site, with rejection >

, the first station in search of the user’s point of viewSince the

search engines crawl to the core keywords, also is the site of Title, matching degree, site content and contribution value according to its Title content and links (inside and outside the chain chain) to give a comprehensive score, will give the site a line with its value ranking. Then, the Title of the site settings will not affect the overall ranking of a site? The answer is yes. As we all know the site of Shanghai dragon Er Title we will set the key three to about five, and the weight of the first words obtained the highest! So, we need to first place for the most keywords can solve the needs of users, immediately after the second is to meet the user’s needs, and so on. Keywords progressive effect which is why we often say that the Title, from the first to the secondary search demand demand in order to progressive third demand, which helps the keywords to help each other to improve ranking, and search engines crawl to the site after Title will give the site a high score.

site is the core of Title contains a site keywords, is the user through the search site before entering on the site of the first impression, but also the most important elements of the search engine, its importance is self-evident. Since a Title site is so important, how can we more reasonable for our title, today we will work together to analyze this problem. The site of the Title settings should not only conform to the search engine spiders crawl needs more to be able to meet the needs of search, this can be a good and qualified site Title. So how to satisfy these two conditions? We can stand on memory in search and search engine two aspects.

in the search engine’s perspective


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