Through the shlf1314 AdSense application screenshots included and after the site included historyTai

excellent advertisement originality: the creative advertisement of pie net is lively and suitable for all kinds of websites.

data feedback: two days

poison to everyone broadcast today, the latest on-line advertisers, belong to CPM billing mode, advertising platform for Taiji advertising alliance.

1 not allowed to change any advertising code, otherwise the effect is not statistical, can not optimize the code.

If the

, I want to register for

payment date:

Figure 1, November 12, 2009 sh419 included not to poison page number screenshot


. Net www.91xianbing is one for the Beijing local workers entertainment website, through the answer rewards and various online games way for commuters to relieve pressure and fatigue in the..

you know, change the algorithm in sh419, where that content has included its copy other content, not included on the corresponding page, but shlf1314 is different, but still will be included, the top ranked, only the higher weight will be at the front of the line, that is to say the shlf1314 will give the collection classes the contents of the weight is very low; this is why some like collecting station such as love polymerization of shlf1314 included a very high, but sh419 included reason is very low, a personal website and shlf1314 included page number and the proportion of sh419 included is generally maintained at between 7~12 times;

if you are interested, please click below registration address

2 must be placed under the domain name approved by the audit, otherwise the effect will not be counted.

in the pie network, users can learn about the local to Beijing’s most distinctive clothing, diet, entertainment, education, information, and information by answering questions in can earn some pie pie, accumulated can exchange for a variety of exquisite gift pie provided by the network brand-name mobile phone, clothes, cosmetics, etc. to the user at the same time required in the information acquisition to get a surprise, let the business advertisement every click effect becomes real.

advertisers: Pie nets


billing mode: CPM

: monthly settlement Commission

is very happy, today received the application through googel AdSense mail, and more happy today is sh419 and shlf1314 to the station not just poison included a sharp rise, different before; can view detailed results in sh419 and shlf1314 search engine through, the following is just the query included the screenshot to commemorate; in fact, around 12 pm yesterday, in view of Statistics found that sh419 in the flow is less and less, change can see this website traffic sources I wrote yesterday began a fundamental, original keyword ranking every day in the fall, the flow of shlf1314 are on the rise at that time, a possible shlf1314 for the evaluation of the station, that can also make the keywords ranking gradually before, so traffic is also rising;



advantages of this promotion:

there is a surprising thing is that shlf1314 in traffic and not as what I think last night that will continue to rise, but rose a little; but sh419 has unexpectedly brought a lot of traffic, than yesterday brought traffic grew by more than 20 times, it is I’m so surprised! Can see sh419 traffic rose the 8 point I this morning before work read the article written by statistics today let me very surprised.


delivery rules:

The novelty of the month end of the month

but today, even more surprising to me is that both shlf1314 and sh419 have picked up a lot. See the bottom of the historical screenshots and compare the daily rate of growth;




service: the service offered by the pie web is very novel and has the implication of "pie in the sky".

, two, November 12, 2009, shlf1314, don’t wait for poison page

welcomes the majority of web owners to join T2C in the ad campaign.

is higher than the proportion that collect too much content, should be appropriate to increase the content of the original class; if less than this proportion, Congratulations! Your website original content very much, and optimize a keyword, such as traffic! The flood is sooner or later! But can also be appropriate to add some content to enrich the collection. The content of the website span;

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