Cock wire business is best to do do not die in white-collarThe small businesses and small businesses

Internet has a group of users called cock wire: not rich, but the willingness to consume high

1. email Engineering, entrepreneurship clubs, etc. to related school communities, asking your project to chat with people for 15 minutes, is also a good way to find a co founder.

change from student project to start-up companies

wise remark of an experienced person

China’s online cock wire has 500 million up and down, these groups are characterized by introverted personality, taciturn and very active heart, the Internet is necessary for their lives. Although their income level is not high, but their willingness to pay on the Internet is quite high. For example, those crazy game player belongs to the grass root, they in order to pursue a more exciting game experience and constantly to recharge the game a lot of game currency, it also brought considerable profits for game operators, and for white-collar workers, they play the game is only to pass the time, pay don’t pay for them is not important.


do you think the project is interesting, because you can not work in a vacuum, negative feedback and responsibility however, from a project to a start-up company, means you have to create some interesting products, these products are based on user needs as the starting point, in order to maintain a high viscosity with the user.

happy network from white-collar groups in the great success, which also allows more and more Internet companies began to promote objects on white-collar workers. The white-collar life level and purchasing power is relatively high, but because of the special occupation environment, white-collar workers are generally more busy, and there is a new habit, what is popular on the Internet, they will go to the hot side, in their eyes, the Internet is just a way to kill the boring time, quickly the rise of happy net and the rapid decline has lost all white-collar workers. On the contrary, there is another group on the Internet, that is, cock wire, will their business be good,


we look under the grass root community needs, the game is usually the biggest demand for grass root, also some funny content and satisfy their psychological products will also seek to stimulate greater market, because as a grass root, in most cases due to their own situation, and can not find satisfaction in reality. So the virtual, cheap internet service has become the necessities of their lives. For our grassroots entrepreneurs, perhaps the product operation of the case, the study of cock wire demand will allow our products to get more extensive market.

3. submit your project to the competition, avoiding games that require too much time, such as applications should not exceed 30 minutes, etc.;

1, walk out of the comfort zone,

, are you still doing white-collar business,

? ? Grass root image

2, a far more ambitious target

to develop your small project into a product that meets user needs is to talk about what you create with real users. The process may be difficult, but in fact, the student founder has a unique advantage over the other founders, considering that there are countless groups of students who support you and are willing to help you with your tests. Why not use this innate advantage,

The best way for

classic is what kind of? In the dark corner smoking a few dollars of smoke, holding domestic mobile phone or tablet computer to pull the toes while playing the game, sometimes playing day and night. Their request is not high to wear with something to eat, but must be some games in the high level, good equipment, or to their psychological needs in some products at the expense will not eat meal to recharge these products. From this we know, from the user’s point of view, cock wire is actually a group of highly willing to pay groups, in other words, who made cock wire business, who can get a lot of oil and water.

2. demonstrates your product to the students at the campus hacking sessions and job fairs;

to create a small project of inspiration, you may feel some interesting things, but the final product which is recognized by the world it? Will implement a small program to a pioneering project, you must first understand the original intention to create it, it is how to plan its development prospects, the point to.

4., if your sales target is an enterprise, the LinkedIn alumni directory will be your first choice.

, happy net after the rapid rise, the demand for white-collar workers are more Internet enterprises, but some of the market for white-collar office, entertainment products did not achieve greater success, more is to die in the cradle. Why is this >?

, while I was at college, Henry and I launched a small project called Meetingbird. Through this project, we realized the importance of changing from student programs to start-up companies. For other student founders, we think there are three important steps in the process of starting a small project to start a business.

editor’s note: in the context of mass entrepreneurship, more and more students choose to start a business and turn a small project into an entrepreneurial company, one of the most important steps for each entrepreneur. If the transition is successful, we can increase our confidence and meet the challenges ahead. If left half way, this change is harmful to start-ups and founders. The author is Paul Dornier Meetingbird company YC hatching co-founder, he became a startup needs attention from his personal experience of sharing the students from a small project.

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