Secret why does 99% of entrepreneurs always failG CPL led Farrell advertisers officially launched

expansion is a double-edged sword. For entrepreneurs, the first, do not go to the expansion of a timid and conservative man. Second, can not completely capital operation idea, when not in the expansion to expand. Do it in accordance with your own law of development. The expansion is less than it worries, but excessive expansion, even worse than not, like a phrase "too far".

enterprises listed, should be ripe course, not by pure packaging. For the listing of clever accounting, gross profit or net profit increase suddenly. To remove a listed rob Peter to pay Paul, can, but if the environment changes, it may remove the western wall up the east wall is not enough. There are enterprises in order to market and blind expansion, the results can not meet the needs of the market, or no team to operate after the expansion of assets and lead to failure.

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four, listed and listed both harmful and sinful

one, lack of ideal

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  advertisers:     founded in 1932 the French 3SUISSES mail order company, its design always affects the dress trend of French fashion circle. It is one of the most popular French women’s wear brands, and 3SUISSES is highly regarded among the romantic and elegant French women.  


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survival of the fittest is the rule of all things. In the Internet era, any enterprise once unable to adapt to this rule, will be eliminated market. Therefore, if enterprises want to develop, they must carry out product upgrading, model innovation and management innovation. In any way, if you rely on past experience, it may lead to failure. My friend used to run a resource based industry and they had very good conditions. But it clings to tradition without developing innovative products or innovative models. Before the financial crisis, the traditional products each year to contribute 50 million of ~6 million yuan of profits, after the financial crisis is only 5 million, in half-dead state.

for the first time

two, conservative refused to change

what is the business failure? Collapse failure; may become a great company is mired in mediocrity is a failure; expectations and reality is different, is a failure; to become bigger and stronger, but always minor, is a failure; a storm is a failure. The individual failure rate of entrepreneurs is very high, so research failure is very important. I personally studied and summarized the reasons for the failure of start-ups.

five does not dare to expand or disorder expand

some entrepreneurs are not solid, but opportunistic. For example, relying on Huyou, relying on Huyou can become a temporary, can not become a lifetime, they always hope that one thing will soon succeed. Maybe in the sky, there will be no second times. The enterprise lacks the practical spirit, will not fail today, will also be defeated tomorrow.

every successful entrepreneur, give me the first impression is that the ideal. On the contrary, I personally feel that the primary reason for our failure to invest in a business is the lack of ideals and sentiments that put money in the highest position. Therefore, it is enough to be diligent in doing small business. In doing business, we must strive for wisdom. If we want to make a big business, we must rely on Germany, that is to say, we should have ideals.

three, resourceful, lack of practical spirit

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