Chen Ou Fen regardless of the body to share the charge up treasure, it is likely to Tuo XiangWhy sho

I know, for a start-up company, let them turn to the product or growth outside is a bold request.

Xiang has two distinct characteristics, just out of hot dogs, even in order to master it even bite; but the heat is only temporary, it is inevitable to cold Xiang’s fate, but once again his cold, hard and smelly, even the dog ignored.

community? !

so, charging this thing, the pain does not seem particularly obvious, and with the mobile phone battery fast charging technology and the gradual expansion, and even photovoltaic charging technology do not ignore the photovoltaic charging visions of the future Chinese two years ago seems to have engaged in this matter the popularity of the future but even just need nothing and don’t even say the pain point.

? These startups with so many things that need attention, why not be missed

so, the problem is – – for example, Chen Ou and other incoming people say that charging is just needed. What do you think about this problem,

, come on, this is just



the same as the founder of a start-up company, I also know that time is our most valuable resource, we often in order to maintain their focus and rational to a lot of things.

as long as the build process not what went wrong, your community can create a sense of belonging, the user will feel that they are an important part of things, they will be proud, feel special. They and your brand is no longer just a relationship between the product and the function of the brand in the surrounding is a kind of emotional accumulation.

frankly, charging may indeed be just, the first do not deny that, after all the current intelligent mobile phone battery life is generally not except Niubi copycat machines and similar Gionee flagship super life. But the problem is, it’s just needed, but does it hurt? I don’t think it’s a sore point, especially when most people already have very small portable rechargeable batteries. To do an inappropriate metaphor, pull Xiang is just need, but eating Xiang may be the point of pain,

on the sharing of charging treasure analysis has been a lot, the author picked a few controversial or no controversial point, simply come to analyze – why sharing treasure treasure is likely to Tuo xiang.

  This is why ?

unfortunately, these two major features, shared charging treasure seems to be in line with. I preliminary judgment, sharing treasure treasure is likely to be a piece of xiang. I also estimated Crestron think so, otherwise why want to bet on the "live" eat shit "am I wrong?

my mentor Aki Sano once said: "when you can find someone really love your product, you will know that you can succeed in doing".

editor’s note: This article by Feast co-founder and CEO David Spinks, tells the story of an online community community for start-up companies and help the potential benefits, in addition to focus on building products on the outside, spend some time and resources to build a high viscosity of the community can help you accumulate more loyal customers.

and not just break the user habits, but also to allow users to abandon the purchase of rechargeable treasure, instead of giving a share of the treasure to share a deposit, or 1 hours per hour or so, the use of fees

then why do I have to write an article to let you turn their attention to the community? Because I have to first view experienced a lot of startups in the community benefits, and even many in the early on community growth.

create a greater involvement of the preacher

especially for the sharing of charging treasure, and you really just need 20 Fen? I can even say, take out charging treasure in the current user has formed the habit of sharing, charging treasure to do is not to develop user habits, but to break the habit of user


Lyft, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Lift, Foursquare, Soundcloud, Skillshare, Udemy, Github, Binpress, Yammer, Hootsuite, Buffer and so on, I can take a day to give all in building community has invested a lot of time and resources in these companies, social class, B2B, B2C, hardware etc. entrepreneurial companies are focusing on their company’s brand and products to create their own community.

companies can get from the community the most simple but also is the most valuable thing is the high degree of user participation or consumers.

and create the most direct proof of a high viscosity of the community is undoubtedly many people fall in love with your brand, the users of the high degree of participation will bring more benefits to your business

doesn’t blow black, we start with user needs. The author is a mobile phone serious users, with the cock wire red rice phone, if not in the case of mobile phone charging, mobile phone power can probably persist for about half a day. But the reality is that most of the time I’m charging, and I don’t have enough electricity to go out unless I go out for a long time. I believe many people should be in this state. And once ready to go out, usually do two hands to prepare, one is as much as possible full of electricity, two is a portable rechargeable treasure. I also believe that most people should be prepared for at least one of them, and the person with the treasure directly should be more.

is more down to earth

Perhaps the most important price >

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