Dismantling 2016 investment trends, entrepreneurs stepped on the rhythm of itLinktech Farrell New Ye

the Internet has been driven by technology and product driven stage. It has developed into operation drive. At the same level of operation, it depends on how to manage the market value. Market value management is the highest form of operation;

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in 2016, the domestic venture capital has developed to a new stage, but the information asymmetry between entrepreneurs and investors still has not been eliminated. In March 31st, the dark horse capital held its first public class, and Jin Haitao, a dark horse capital partner, delivered a speech entitled "investment trends in 2016". Take a look at what kind of projects favored by investors in the end? What are they judged? These standards behind a set of what value system? How to judge a new outlet? As entrepreneurs, whether you need to pursue the "air"

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The first phase of


why aren’t some big companies sexy? Because they don’t do market value management,

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three great manners,

the money but not to be optimistic about the traditional company, because they cannot do the concept of marketing, investors will do the most sexy, the concept of "management", the nature of many of the company’s "high tech" project is the concept of management;

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when everyone discovers an industry has become "tuyere" and ready to squeeze in, it means that the new person in this industry has no chance. A good venture project needs to take into account the following factors: tuyere flow bonus, team, resource and capital exit path;

?The development of ? !

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in 2015 after the stock market crash, venture capital valuation system into the amount of paid subscribers from the previous DAU. Now entrepreneurs need to look at the user scene and the actual amount of paid users, and then talk about "feelings" will be very pale;

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was technology driven. It was called "technological innovation" at that time;


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, the wind we’re talking about is changing all the time. There will be time when entrepreneurs understand air: when just up trend, especially keen entrepreneurs will go into, when so-called "outlet", the industry has no chance, of course, can not stop a lot of people will come in.

speech: dark horse capital partner Jin Haitao

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Internet has passed so many stages:

net Reds are favored by the capital, the essence is that they bring new traffic bonus, greatly reducing the cost of customers, improve the conversion rate of paid users.

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a lot of people want to know what investors think? What is the equity investment? I want to use four words to explain "what is the nature of the investment, equity investment is to invest in a sustained, stable and rapid growth, the scale of enterprises, such enterprises showed a steep growth curve of course, mature be gentle. When we look at any BP, we’ll see what you’re describing. Can you get out of this curve?.

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