nternet start-ups are not easy to identify, target customers is the keyHow to make good use of your

four: what can we pay for Internet start-ups?

a job, a harvest, webmasters want to point to traffic is not easy. Changing traffic to money is the last goal, but harder. Talking about advertising. There is a nice thing. Yes, I spent 3 months writing it myself last year


many entrepreneurs do not understand a question, I want to earn who’s money? Why do other people want us to make money? Just because we do not think about this problem, so the profit model is not obvious. Especially some webmaster friends, do a taste of the flow, the flow up and how, not the formation of transformation, with the flow to don’t know how to make a profit, the advertising alliance, so as to how much profit? Entrepreneurs must be aware of who we need to make money, what people are we willing to make money how to make their money,

most entrepreneurs ignore a very immediate problem, that is, to feed themselves. We know that entrepreneurship is a big need, but for a long time can not be profitable, then to support themselves is a question, who can stick to it? Team members can continue to pay?. So, for the Internet entrepreneurs, guardian or that sentence: first feed yourself. In a few, but also advise those who want to do full-time webmaster, want to fill their own single friends who say: can you support yourself

now, because the GPRS server in many places has been wired, it’s a personal feeling. Next comes the program. In fact, it doesn’t require you to be proficient in those web languages. There are many programs posted on the Internet now. 06 years ago, why not?. we can make full use of it. But the basic thing is to understand. Better do it yourself. Change more, and you can write it yourself. Don’t have a back door in the program and you can’t see anything.

himself started contact with WAP from 06 in July. From Empire to bubble, to the century, there was only a sub station in the century. And then I got a small cell phone not so much at that time, just for fun

1: Internet entrepreneurs, to feed themselves is the root.

we know that the domestic Internet industry market, for some profit channels more obvious, we simply can not do it, because big Internet Co will soon occupy the market. As an entrepreneur, there is no ability to compete. Therefore, entrepreneurs should choose large Internet Co did not involve the industry, select small market, make it bigger and stronger. As a local portal, to seize the living. Big Internet Co won’t go for small markets at all, so that’s our chance.

no matter good bad, the most important in the minds of users in your domain name is popular. Bought the domain name will go to regular businesses to buy. Don’t be greedy for petty gains. Or that time when no local renewal was registered and you want to spend several times the money is difficult to come back. Again is good space, space also looking for regular businesses, it is important after-sales service. In the next period of time, your space can not be no problem, when the space problems, there is a good customer service can help you, it is very happy. Otherwise, people can be anxious to die. Oh Also, now the space is double line, multi line access, as far as I change a few space. I think it’s OK to do WAP station, single line Telecom, and the speed of single line is still faster.


that station is full of shared content. The first time to do the station without experience, playing when completely on the mood, so there is no traffic. at that time, I didn’t know what the traffic would do to me, and then I changed my station a few times without finding it at all.

Internet start-ups are more and more friends try, under the influence of Internet heavyweights, we believe that the Internet is everywhere opportunities. Of course, there are a lot of friends shouting Internet business Internet business is very simple, really so simple? Really so simply would not have so many losers, there will have more and more people out of the Internet industry.

good words, not much, I do not need to write more propaganda, how important I am, today I just want to write out my experience. I hope you have just made friends of the station useful, you read it should be very useful.

didn’t think of starting a website until last September when he bought a garbage computer. Site to invest well, at that time, domain name cheap one yuan a, space spent 250. Speaking of the domain name, or the old stationmaster often said that old saying: "no matter what station you do, the domain name is the first important."."


knows who we need to earn and who wants to make money and how to make their money. This is a very important time

two: Internet business, small and rounder is a success.

said so much, didn’t say superfluous words, talked so much. In fact, I do not know what to say. Blow my advertising. There are 100-300 rooms every day now. Speaking of what station I do. I don’t know either。 Ha ha, I really don’t know. I studied ASP before, and then I learned asp. Write the station, but also all written with WML. One little experience is to be more concerned with search engines. Optimize the flow of good web pages, absolutely let you accident.

three: Internet startups, do you know who earned the money?

as Internet entrepreneurs, most of the friends only back, no background, how to do it? So we start from the webmaster, starting from the basic work of SEO, I hope to start from this focus. However, the guardian found that the only thing left for everyone is sad, too many people busy for a year to feed themselves is very difficult. Isn’t Internet entrepreneurship an opportunity? Why is it so vulnerable to us?

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