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I dark horse introduction bubble school is about how to pursue the knowledge of women perhaps pseudo science, in foreign countries for more than 30 years, in China in recent years to rise. There are many teams in the field of bubble research in China, and the largest and most mature bubble network has 400 thousand registered users and formed a business model of its own. This article for the dark horse reporter through interview finishing report, to tell you about how to make love training network into a business.

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any mature enterprise knows what kind of customer it is and what kind of positioning it should have. Paired with different pattern in Jiayuan, positioning is also different from the "street" and other social tools. Instead of how to quickly contact the opposite sex, the bubble is committed to facilitating male users to learn bubble learning by providing services to satisfy their desire to learn by bubble

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bubble derives from English abbreviation "PUA"". It is the abbreviation of "Pick-up Artist", that is, "sister to man", which refers to the knowledge of how to put the younger sister. This discipline believes that the ultimate goal of human existence in the world is only two survival and reproduction. The key to achieving the latter goal is attraction, which is "no attraction, that’s fertility."". The attractiveness of a man can be expressed by social status, income levels, and the skills of both men and women. The problem that bubble claims to solve is a range of skills for men and women. This door has developed abroad for more than thirty years of theory, because some of the domestic introduction, but also with the domestic more and more serious "spouse selection crisis", and quickly spread in the country. Huang Zili, an ethical scholar, believes that bubbles are essentially a kind of success, but because they absorb the results of psychology and sociology, they have a considerable degree of maneuverability. However, no matter whether the bubble itself is valuable, the main bubble learning bubble network is in such a domestic and international environment to develop, as of 2012, it has about 400000 registered users.

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1, the prevalence of sexual difficulties, and the desire to seek guidance from others.

Most users of the

bubble network are males between 20 and 40 years of age. Their career, income, ethnicity and other information are different. However, there are some characteristics that are the same.

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3 has considerable willingness to pay and capacity.

2, eager to change his fate through learning, to improve his ability to get along with the opposite sex.

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