Beginner fangpian 6 strokesFrom a webmaster’s point of view, online advertising continued MLM

      4. search engines, most think is a liar, do not do. In a search engine to search, if the Ministry said that more than 90% stations is a liar, liar. This site cannot do. Of course does not rule out malicious exclusion news times NEW***AR was once the post replies are almost scolding the landlord post. This depends on your ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

      6. before any decision to do not believe that any human based, even though he said much good, how wonderful, even though he was really very powerful can guarantee the strength not to lie, remember, don’t trust anyone, including me in..

  comes on a MLM, then a lot of people and I asked , what is MLM, because said before is not very clear, so here I give it a detailed explanation. MLM MULTI-LEVEL is the abbreviation of MARKETING, multi-level information network marketing, has been in the United States for fifty years, as the name suggests is a lot of multi-level hierarchical human marketing system, when this form of the influx of Chinese network Wangzhuan 1997, and is the first Chinese Puguang MLM Wangzhuan, see this explanation seems to be a good in fact, this model is a good model, but after entering Chinese, completely changed the taste.

    concrete manifestation is: we often receive spam, often send spam messages of this forum, or the content is "probably will be as long as the Internet, make million is not a dream, you can claim" month million yuan is not a dream "on any search engine. You can search, detailed understanding of the content, this is very common, almost everywhere can see. This is the MLM now, and the so-called "higher", this station seriously affects the healthy development of the internet.

    some people think I said a little too one-sided or exaggerated, perhaps, but I am sure that any domestic advertising alliance click on the support there must be the existence of MLM, including sh419, shlf1314, the major league SOHU, which is brought by MLM click advertisers said there have been malicious clicks, I and Wang Hang said, I asked him to the search engine’s view, he said the search engine advertising on the Internet is the real advertising, because it really gives clients the target audience, I said search bidding advertising exist the phenomenon of cheating, such as the point of competition the ads and so on, have fine money point of advertising and so on, he said, these are only a few, not affecting the prospects, I want to be like that, if only the customer’s sh419 ads on search results The first few, so really can be neglected, but these words there is another problem, such as me in a sh419 based exhibition and a friend chat, he said that several years ago, sh419, the effect is really good, but then, for example, for example: the Jiuzhaigou the word, because this is a good place for tourism, but also in Chengdu, so Chengdu CYTS, CITS CTS, certainly there are some other travel agency is a word for, is said to be the highest rose to more than 20 dollars at a time, not to say the price, a user, then in front of him here dozens of travel agency, so in China there is a word called goods than three when a user, an extension of the past, a look at the past, sh419 pulled their money earned here. All travel agents basically buy a single ticket for this user, then the user opens their station and then calls one by one.

      2., be careful of paying. You just joined, you can’t wait to blackmail you, membership fees of more than 200, all cheats. Membership fees of more than 50, generally do not deceive people is not much.

      5. if you are on a website inviting or you start to believe it, please go to the sh419 search, such as the recently popular 8 fun Tong Bao, you search: 8 + fun Tongbao liar, no "there are a lot of people tell you it is a liar, no shame liar.

      3. homepage rough, is not beautiful, do not pay attention to it. Think of a successful, stable company. Will he do business in a flat building?

      you can go to sh419 search: shlf1314 + Wangzhuan liar. So you can see thousands of web pages, just click one and see what they say.

      1. high wage, high income is not reliable. That is just beginning to do more than wages of more than 300 pieces, is certainly a liar, first put it away. What, as long as you join, you can earn three thousand monthly, earn ten thousand of the monthly do not want to know is a liar. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Why should he recommend you if he earns so much money?. Remember, kindness is cold, and no one is so kind.

      to be honest, now online do Wangzhuan, there are more than 80%.

      here I would like to put some of their own experience to Wangzhuan novice:

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