What is the vitality of domestic Sns

is very pleased to meet you again, today’s article may be different from the past, when writing this article in terms of feelings is a little heartache, because before I have been in the smiling face of SNS, has been encouraging people to properly treat the active calm. But today I want to ask myself how and operation of SNS website friends harvest? 08 years from now SNS has been concerned about the developments, the heart is joy and sorrow.

first confirms that SNS is a product of the Internet era, and also an upsurge of the Internet, which shows that SNS is a big market. From happy and at home small application network to now micro-blog "scarf" can reflect the light of sns. From the happy net stand out to the present, also has many webmaster companies to follow the trend to do the SNS website, but how many people have really studied the operation of happy net. Why does Wang Xing’s domestic network appear at the same time a few interactive games?. Before you make SNS, are you fully prepared and ready for what you should have?. Do you have the following opportunities: opportunity, strategy, innovation, function and technology, team and experience, funds, marketing, etc?. Not every site can be successful, but we do not rule out the miracle will not happen to us.

I really some of the above said my opinion: Why are happy network and network at home, because this site (here this is because the domestic network has not only access to our happy net) before the peak, is the leader in sns. Represents the rapid development of SNS in china. Here I do a comparison, when the sea network and happy network at the same time into the SNS market, several interactive small game, happy net lies in its "promotion" strength than in the sea too much. Therefore, now commenting on the domestic, we can not say that their products did not do well, or did not do the right direction, it does not meet the facts. This example illustrates the importance of generalization.

after 09 years of SNS development, the domestic leaders have started the SNS sub market. Sina, Sina, micro-blog, Taobao, Taobao Jianghu giant Cheerland, Li Yuzhu, renren.com happy net, Tencent, and many owners also saw the market place, and not our vision is not good, the direction is wrong, we can only say that the ability can not be with the big companies against. When we are ant people won’t notice you, when we developed like an elephant, others will attack you, not enough strength is easily eaten by large companies, if it want to enter the market, we must have enough strength, let us from ants to elephants to lions we want to grow and develop quickly, let people see when you do not come up with countermeasures, we have strong.

initiative, strategy, innovation, here we are talking about Renren, and shortly before, Renren has received a large amount of financing. Then the market prospect of SNS must be vast. The important reason for success in school is initiative. An important reason for the development of a web site is >

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