Ten years, stationmaster road wins fruit, assail the nostrils fragrant

very early contact with the Internet, probably in junior high school began to touch, at first playing StarCraft, and then swept the country’s online games, stone age, playing crazy, investment is not small. At that time playing personal homepage play crazy, the first is to learn HTML slowly began to engage in, every time to upload a page up with crazy, think now, is really interesting, so dedicated to play for a few years, the high school entrance defeat, read an ordinary university.

college to play online games, several all-powerful online games are played, had a very mature forum, Adventure Island Forum, that time is a plug-in release station, IP more than 50 thousand, IIS was always on, always taking off, oh, it was a two Leng Zi, only know anxious stomp, don’t know you can keep some ads on the forum, think it is a pity. Later in the space’s insistence, the forum closed, until today, I have a number of servers, but also very regret it. Think about it, if there is a personal assistance, or insist on it, this study will be maintained. Why didn’t I meet the beautiful girl who came back to meet the fish who refused to swim?. Hey.

After graduating from college,

met an occasional opportunity to find SMS huge money making, a recommendation for 15RMB. How did you make it then?. Baidu registered a number, and then go to the promotion, you can make a profit. For one or two years, oh, well off the purse. At this time, the king met. Because of the corn problem, I asked the king to help me with some corn. Know who the owner of the corn is? Zhang Jie, died on the day, to rush his corn, and then find him to help rush.. The result has not been successful, now think also silly enough.

later told him that he wanted to sign up for what SMS’s Chinese general web site was. It was GJJ Guo Jijun, and he was back at the top of the picture. "Don’t even think about it. It’s my brother’s."".

had no choice but to support himself and make a pile of things. This year, hundreds of thousands of people, huh?.. China Mobile after the reform, SMS has been going downhill, no way, has had GOOGLE ADSENSE, and in the tens of thousands of dollars for it, GOOGLE ADSENSE, made a few bad, after K, and no mood to GOOGLE circle in the mix. Got the SEO program. The effect is not bad.

send several program diagram

is not easy to stand now. Without massive data, Baidu will not support it. Ha-ha。 The skilful user of my software program has achieved great results. I am no exception. Today, the flow again, the mood super good. Send out some pictures. By May 22nd, at 15, the traffic had been

is good. Breaking ten thousand today should not be a problem.

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