Classified information who ups and downs, Ali mom advertising must fail

many people do SEO, did not dare to believe that Ali Mama advertising it, see a lot of people say that their website hangs in the advertisement of the mom in the forum, the site is down right or be K, is Ali mother is really a nightmare? Here, talk about their own views.

e-commerce, personal, Taobao looks beautiful, but tax evasion has nothing to do with Taobao,


in other words, you are in the United States, or large, open a shop, how to pay taxes? Do we need to shop their every day to run, or monthly tax department? Of course, tax evasion, subjective is wrong, the objective is to should own, but objectively, as tax and related departments, is should not provide convenient services for


once Taobao is Taobao users Tongtong case, there is no responsibility? Back to the above, if you do not take the initiative to help Taobao in Taobao shop users tax, Taobao contributed! Why do you say that? You go to the United States, large and medium-sized, buy things, is to take the initiative to give you an invoice, but a lot of shops and Gome, Dazhong, and Never mind how much, just like the dragon, tophere counter stores! One is online, one is life, but sell stuff, whether it is virtual, or actual, should pay taxes, but rent virtual "the counter, not the establishment of tax


for most web sites, such as Sina and Shanhe online classified information portal is similar. And partner… Have been customized, difficult to participate in the mom… Mom. So the background, Ma Yun’s military advisor who wants to enter the station arena, from C2C to B2C, see how much ambition of foot.

network alliance, Baidu, Google, advertising greatly small life, looking for valuable personal webmaster, but how many ads to fat how much? How many people to solve the employment problem of the


personal station, have good personal station, how to make these outstanding projects, from the oppressed network alliance, liberated from Ali and her mother’s arms? That is to need someone to invest? Why not Ma is willing to do this? Well, is not a kind of "network"


look at the combination of word of mouth, thinking, classification information, will die. Why? Because Yahoo China did not focus on this, now who do Who is going to get a classified information website vane? Whether new reputation row seating? Of course can get gold trading, buy a place, but it seems a few flies travel to eat, reputation, YAHOO Chinese, Ali mother, who can be big, of course Taobao, this is Ali internal external group, is not to say…… with Taobao, what Yahoo China can do


Thousand Oaks Chen Yizhou, then so smart, once very good, very powerful everyone, so Chen Yizhou was abandoned, everyone is doing what? Now, Ma intended to eat classified ads

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