Will the new technology of Google cause the nternet to be paralyzed

had long heard that GOOGLE could grab text from pictures, and recently saw similar articles.

I do before several stations have been included in GG, but I never found my picture GG grab the contents of ~! I really don’t understand the principle ah ~ the text on the picture can really grab? I want to have in the past few days, if it can crawl, will not lead to the Internet. The main reason why I think so is that I’ve been working on a forum (http://s.sszh.org) recently. Have done BBS webmaster must have experience ~ ~ mass advertising hate, very annoying. And we prevent malicious registration and malicious posting most of the verification code used. Verification code is really very clever Dongdong ~ now mass BBS deal with verification code way should be to crack his algorithm.

, but GG’s technology could change all that. You think, suppose GG’s technology leaked out, or someone invented it. After that, the verification code is no longer used, and your algorithm is no good, I read your map directly on it. Then ~ the whole Internet is advertising ~ ~ then DZ died, ~DV died, ~baidu, GG are dead, and then the Internet is over ~, the webmaster go home farming,


the author is a small white, do not scold, thank you!


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